Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As of 10am today the girls were put on 24hr request.  That means they are being fed on their terms, when they scream momma comes a runnin'!  So far this morning they both did great for their first 2 feedings.  I have been given a sleep room for the remainder of their request.  My oh so fancy room for the night consists of it's own tiny/half kitchen equipped with a sink, fridge and microwave.  

A twin bed that I will probably be getting to myself tonight since the hubs has to work in the morning.

  As well as a bathroom that even comes with a shower! towels, hehe.   The one thing it doesn't come with...A TV! Not that it matters since it is a "sleep room" and I have my laptop ready to go with Netflix and Hulu.  

Mr. Adam's aunt was nice enough to come by this morning to see the girls.  It was a big help to have a second set of hands for when one would scream while I was feeding the other.  =) Not to mention great talking with her. 

After 24 hour request IF they do well (we all know they can) they will be then put on "demand".  I see that  as the exact same thing as 24hr request because demand is where you spend a day (24hrs) feeding them as often as they need.  The only requirement that they really have at this point is to eat and gain weight and show that it's not wearing them out.  I'm crossing my fingers and toes, giving the girls pep talks in hopes that they gain that weight and keep up their amazing work.  

We never thought we would make it this far and we have so I know the end is near!

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