Sunday, November 9, 2014


Sometimes that is all it takes to step away, cherish and enjoy what you have. We all get carried away with our own worries causing us to take what we have for granted. K has been asking to make Christmas cookies for days. By asking, I mean non stop talking about these amazing cookies she saw in a magazine. Can't really resist these faces as much as I try. 

They are so inquisitive, everything is a question followed by another question.  It's wonderful really, the amount of growth they go through at this age. How at the end of the day you realize the new things they have learned and the new things they have taught you. Watching them write their names, insist on dressing themselves, color the most imaginary pictures I wish I could dream up. 

I never thought I would have kids but my heart is more than full and I am more than blessed to have done so. We are the lucky ones to have them in our lives no matter how terribly hard times can be.