Thursday, July 1, 2010


So the first 24hrs are up in the next hour.  It was a pretty stressful night to be totally honest.  The girls are waking up every 3-4 hours just fine and seem to be eating for a solid 10-15 minutes, which normally when we test weight them shows that they can get 40+ml in that time.  Well, when the nurse weighed them to see if they gained any weight...they lost a bit.  So now it seems to be coming down to the fact they may not be getting enough calories even if they are eating enough.  The nurse suggested doing 2 bottles a day of the 24cal milk combo in hopes of upping their calories to what they need to be.  I'm honestly ok with that since it means it's only 2/8 feedings that they will not be nursing.  
They haven't taken away my room yet, haha, so I'm assuming that I'm still going to be doing the 24hr bit for the next day.  I'm sure they will let me know though when I'm called for an update at their next feeding.  I'm pretty frustrated and could use a good ride on the ol' dirt bike.  

The nurses said Mr. Adams needs to take me to see Eclipse tonight or tomorrow before the girls get home.  Kind of as a Last Date Night! =D  I'm all for it, mainly cause I cannot wait to see it, also because I wouldn't mind get out of the hospital for a little while.  

We'll see what happens this morning if anything will change or we'll just keep doing what we're doing....*sigh*

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