Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great job!

I'm so proud of both of my girls tonight!  We have been working on Nutritive nursing and they haven't been getting much milk.  After a few minutes of practice they are fed through their tubes about 45ml of milk.

Oakley was doing really good with her latching and Kenzington was have a little bit of a struggle.  The last couple days Kenzington has shown lots of improvement getting really good with her latching.  Tonight they both did great though, they both showed rooting signs and pretty quickly latched on.  We do test weights before they nurse to see how much they gain, if any, after they nurse.  Oakley did so well she got 27ml (while making some good farting noises in the process), while Kenzington got 4ml, not as much as her sister but she did amazing compared to how much she seemed to be struggling before.

Neither of them choked and seemed to have the suck, swallow, breath thing down tonight.  It's a really good sign and I hope it persists.  I've seen moms and babies around the nursery have on and off days with nursing which I'm prepared for.  =D It was just so great to see them do so well like a complete 180 from the nights before.

Even though I'm completely exhausted from no sleep and not being home all day, I cannot wait to work on it again in the morning. <3

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