Thursday, July 14, 2011

Water Parks

 As soon as the summer weather was finally set in and before we set out on all our road trips we bought our season passes and headed straight to the water park to cool off.  Since it was the first week of great weather the park was packed and finding even a sliver of grass was so impossible.  Luckily we found a nice place even with some shade from a tree.
 It was going to be the first time in 7 months since the girls have been in water greater than 2 ft deep.  

They love their kiddie pool and love the bath so it was to be expected that they would completely love the water park.

Their most favorite was the lazy river, were we just held their arms and let them float and enjoy splashing around.  They even attempted to kick their legs like little frogs!
Due to their size and age we kept to the river and a small kid area where they could stand on us and splash away in the shallows. 

We were actually a bit surprised in how well they have taken to water.  I've seen kids be frightened and cling to their parents in pools but these girls were fearless!  
Regular sunscreen and snack breaks were in need because of the blazing sun and heat.  

They actually held strong for 3 hours until they were definitely showing sign of "we need a nap, now"!

We have been so busy since it's been hard to go again, not to mention the weather has been as bi-polar as it could get.  Hopefully if the forecast is correct we will get a couple more good days in soon!
I have so many pictures from our adventures so far to go through it's crazy.  Just memories we will hold onto for a life time, a life time that keeps changing as the days go on!  Hopefully I'll get more down time and get in those other updates soon! 

I hope everyones summer has been full of fun in the sun!

{Happy Thursday!}