Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is it real?

One day I know I'm going to wake up and this dream will become more of a reality.  I just know it! When that day comes I think things well be easier to cope with and we will be able to slowly get into our own groove of things once least we hope so!

Most people seem to think that babies don't have their own personalities, that a personality is a learned thing.  I'm afraid I will have to disagree and think that other NICU moms will feel the same way.  Even with babies born at 28 weeks seem to have their own personalities.  I know from the past 5 weeks of being at the NICU daily I notice certain babies fuss more around certain times or when certain things are happening around them.  There are timid babies that I have never heard a peep out of who seem to be content with the world around them.  People will tell you that our girls are feistier than most in the NICU while the little one across from us seems to be the calmest.

Even the cries are different.  They have different cries for different situations and it's too crazy to think that at this stage it's even possible.  Our girls for example have this adorable squeal that lasts maybe 5 seconds when they are frustrated that they aren't getting milk fast enough.  While when they are dirty you can tell their cry is more strained as if they are annoyed.

Last night they went through their saturation tests.  Which is 12 hours of being monitored on how well they do without being on oxygen.  Both passed.  The only one that seemed to have a bit of an issue was Oakley during her car seat test.  The doctor said it wasn't a big deal but that for the first little while it be best if someone sat in back with her to watch her closely.

The last few days the nurses have been so sweet and taken lots of pictures of them for us.  It means a lot to me since I am not able to be with them around the clock and feel as though they are growing without me.  They made their "1 Month Old" posters and put them by their beds, they are so adorable!  I haven't taken a picture of them yet but will soon.

We've had to take some steps back the last 2 days due to a few things.  So we are slowly trying to work our way a few more steps forward.  It has now simply come down to getting them to nurse a full feeding.  We know they can do it, it's just a matter of them having the strength to do it back to back.  Austin and I are patient and will do what it takes to make sure they are ready to come home.  Boy do we want them home!  The nurses think by this weekend they will be back up to being able to take full feedings.  I really do hope so...they are 37 weeks now and growing so much I just wish they could grow at home with us.

Here are some of the pics the nurses took for us  =)

Babies first time in car seat--

Rubba' Dub Dub 2 sisters in a tub!

"Hey sis! Did you see that?"

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  1. Cute pics!! Trust me... We all come with our own personalities as my mother will SURELY attest to. LOL They look like they're doing well so that's awesome. :-)


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