Monday, September 28, 2009

Long time no talk!

Wow these last couple weeks have gone by like a roller coaster!  Not so hot weekdays, but GREAT weekends!

It's so crazy to live for the weekends..not used to it really.

Couple weekends ago was the Dew Tour...have some great video and pics.  Still need to get the vids posted somewhere.  Here is my favorite picture though--Jeremy Stenberg taking it home for Team Cali Boys!:

It was so freaking awesome...Glad I made it at least for the finals.
Then of course another horrible week that led up to another great weekend.  Friday night I got off work early (Thanks to the amount of hostility).  Klub was staying the night so we decided to go do some longboarding and a spur of the moment Lehi Foot Hills  hike.  Pictures Here.   Went home and watched Friday the 13th (2009). 
Best of all was Saturday morning...waking up KNOWING I get to go riding!  I was sooo excited...with a little dred of being so out of shape.  Man was it worth it though.  We definatly need to make more time to do that stuff.  It's been way too long.

Now it's another Monday--I'm just waiting for this week to be just as bad as before.  I used to try the whole, "think positive and life will be positive", yeah well.  That  hasn't worked for me in the past few months.  So I have kind of given up on that.  I'm just taking things as them come and suck my life away!  =D 

Bought tickets for the New Moon movie too!  It's going to be great.  I'm way too excited....and to all you haters....It doesn't matter that they sparkle!  THEY ARE HOT! ;)

Anyway Ta Ta For Now!

<3 Hetty

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best Weekend EVER!

Wow, this last Labor Day weekend was just so amazing.   
The whole weekend was just jam packed with awesomeness.
Saturday, we went out and had a nice relaxing time with my parents.  Saw the new movie Gamer.  Which by the way I thought was great.  A little gory and nude scenes here and there, but it was definitely worth seeing.
After the movie we got some grub at JCW's (Always a good choice).  Then went car searching, sadly coming up short.  But we ended the night with a great game of laser tag with our friends Cozy and Mitch.
Sunday we planned on spending most of the day alone since we hadn't had much of that alone time for a while.  But around noon the in-laws asked if we'd like to go for some boating around 2.  Of course we did, they were so nice to invite us cause it was such a relaxing time!  Loved it, just floating on the water, jumping in now and then to cool off.  Great day.  We then went home played some games and relaxed.  
Monday was just freaking awesome, it was the day of the Blink concert, we were going to go see if any dealer ships were open to check out some cars.  We were lucky enough to find an awesome car!  After some test driving of the competition of course.  The only down side was we were a little late for the concert due to the signing of papers for the car.  So we missed the first couple bands before Blink.  Luckily we caught the butt end of Taking Back Sunday though.  Bought our selves some kick A T-shirts, and rocked out!  Travis Barker did the craziest drum solo ever!  Got it all on video.  Man it was just an amazing concert, which was all made possible by getting Free tickets from someone we know. 
Really the weekend was just so GREAT!  Couldn't have had a better time...I think....
Anyway, yeah I didn't explain it as awesome as it was..but trust me on this..I know thy sweetness!
Loves <3

Friday, September 4, 2009

Holiday Weekends!

Who doesn't love a good holiday weekend!?  Speically when you're lucky enough to get that holiday off!
This will basically be my second in a row! ;)  Shhh....
Have a lot to do this weekend, going on a ride Saturday morning up the canyon.  Then running some errands while supposedly helping the sister in law move.

Also plan on talking the old man into going to see Gamer.  See if that's any good.  I LOVE Gerard Butler, so it can't be too horrible.
Sunday then should be a nice relaxing day-nothing to special maybe grab some grub with the family.  Then awesome Monday!  We were lucky enough to get FREE tickets to the Blink 182 concert, so it'll be a relaxing morning to end with a kick ass night!

Anyway, I'm going to try and zone out for the rest of tonight so I can get through this retarded job!

<3 Hetty

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He had delusions of adequacy.

For all of you out there who seem to think we REALLY care what you think---awesome news!  We don't.  Last time I checked no one payed any attention to your awesome tid bits.  
I must say, you have nothing to prove to me.  I know life for you isn't that pleasant.  Maybe the love sac isn't as great as it once was.  I'm sorry.  Hopefully one day you'll notice it's not everyone else who is failing it's you.
Now that that's over, I had a nice long weekend of relaxation. Nothing of importance.  Spent some quality time with my family and moved on.  Didn't get to work Monday, but what are you ganna do?  That place is retarded these days anyway.  They see their the fungus that lives on crap.  
I'm pretty sure I'm going to strangle my puppy...she's driving us insane.  Alas I love her and will always love her, and hope she grows up to be just like Auzzie Bear!  =D
Also everyone check out the band Mew!  :) Great stuff!
K I'm out..