Monday, June 21, 2010

First Fathers Day

It was such a beautiful day yesterday!  We were able to get out and go spend time with family for a BBQ for Fathers Day.  The food was GREAT and the people even better.  :)

Yesterday was our first fathers day for Austin and the girls.  I'm pretty sure the little ones did one of the best jobs at getting Austin gifts! =D

Gift 1:  Doctor lets us know they both have been removed from their oxygen and are doing great.
Gift 2:  Each was given a full bottle feeding in the morning and took them without issue.  (we weren't there).

Kenzington's first bottle.

Gift 3:  While we were there last night they both took a full feeding from nursing!
Gift 4:  A card to their dad from them-

Gift 5: Adorable hand molds-



Most of all we were just so proud of how well they are doing these past couple days!  The doctor mentioned that since they are doing so good with having no oxygen and gaining weight that she suggested if they do not get a full feeding from nursing that we end with bottle chasers.  Both Austin and I are fine with that as long as we can balance it and they take more to nursing.  Which they proved they could do after have 2 bottles yesterday they did perfectly fine and ate a full 40ML from nursing last night.  Austin and I could not believe it when we were doing the math after each baby.  Austin just kept saying, "that's so great!".  I couldn't agree more!

We know there is the possibility of steps back but this big step forward was so great to see.  I cannot explain how frustrated I was getting because they were able to get much milk from nursing.  They are now 37 weeks gestation and I'm hoping that the little switch in their heads has finally switched.

Once they take a couple days of oral feedings they will be bumped to eating every 4 hours instead of 3 so they can get more rest as well as we will then try back to back oral feedings.  If they take to that well, then we are put on notice where I will have to be there practically all day.  I really hope that the end is in sight and taking our little babes home is soon to come. 

The night nurses were so awesome and took some cute pics for us for their One month birthday!  (They are even putting up a little banner for them but hadn't yet, so we will see that tonight).

The prevacid seems to be working wonders as well, we have not seen any arching of their backs or spit ups.  Them eating so well is probably another sign of it working for them.  
They were weighed last night just before bath time and they each weight 5lbs 15oz.  :) Our big girls. (to us) lol

I'm excited and nervous to see how they do this morning.  I know they can do amazing but I worry that I'll get my hopes up and they'll be too sleepy or something and not eat as well.  BUT that's ok, I just need to remember that they can do great it just need to be the right time for them, hehe.


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  1. That is all incredible news! I'm so excited for you guys! The nurses seem awesome too! They did tons of cute things for Father's Day!!


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