Thursday, January 14, 2010

14 Week Marker

And you thought you could stretch..............

 This is baby A takin' up all the space!  We weren't going to have a U/S today but when the doc why trying to listen for the 2nd heart beat he was having a little trouble.  So we had one anyway, just to make sure.  Both heart beats are great 1. 145 2. 140.    ALMOST could see the sex of the 2 but, will be more certain in 2 weeks at the next check up!  (I cannot wait!)  My uterus is sized at 18 weeks which is normal with twins.  Just so happy to see they are both around and kickin!

Doc said he's hoping to make it to 32 weeks, but I know we're tough and can make it longer! ;)

Been a good week so far but very excited for the weekend!  It's when you can do nothing and not feel guilty!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anxious, Sleepy, Cold...the list must go on!

So It's January 2010 and it's freezing.  Normally I graciously greet this weather and cold with thumbs up because of snowboarding season.  Sadly yet not so sadly I cannot board due to 2 hitch hikers on board who I need to keep safe.  I'll miss the slopes but the missing is so worth it in my opinion!

I'm 13 weeks pregnant this week with 2 lovely little Chicken nuggets!  They are very good at keeping me up at night with the frequent potty stops!  They are also very good at keeping me down in the afternoon due to feeling sick and sleepy! Hehe It's crazy what little 3 inch buggers can do to ya.   I'll be going in for my 14 week check up next week and I'm WAY too anxious!  I don't understand how people lived with out ultra sounds!   I just want to make sure they are swimming along just fine and healthy.  It'll be nice to have new pics of the two. 

We are hoping to at least see the sex of one by the next specialist appointment at my 16 week mark.  If not the waiting takes place again! :) Just as long as they are safe and sounds and growing strong.

The holidays were a nice vacation 2, 4 day weekends with the families.  I couldn't have asked for more.  On top of all the amazing food that is being cooked I swear I gained a few pounds!  But hey aren't I supposed to!? 

I'm hoping my energy picks up soon so that I can spend more time mastering the skills of my hope to be career.  Sitting at the computer too long just makes my brain hurt on top of other things these days. 
It will soon be time to put that drawing pad to work and make some new designs. 

Work stinks as usual but I'm home by 1:30 at the latest so I cannot complain too much. 

Well I'm out of nothing to say, I'll post some awesomeness next week after my appointment.  Possibly in between now and then depending on how I feel of course.

<3 Hetty