Saturday, June 26, 2010


"Did you hear that?"

So I've started to wonder if all babies after they're born make the same crazy faces as Oakley and Kenzington do.  They have been quite gassy these last couple days so this morning while nursing I was doing my best to help those bubbles from causing them to not focus.  They would arch their back turn bright purple and release their latch.  I then would pick them up and hold their neck and upper body while patting their back....soon after for example, Oakley burped twice with the last being pretty big and violent to the point her eyes crossed and her lips quivered. I couldn't help but laugh at how adorable it was to watch and never knew a burp could cause such an effect.  Ha ha.

Kenzington didn't cross her eyes  like her sister but she did spasm her entire body as though I just jumped behind her scaring her to death, widening her eyes in shock as if to say "Whoa! What was that?!".  Again, I couldn't help but laugh at her discomfort.  What a mean ol' mom I am!  ;)

I'm telling you too that those smiles they do are NOT gas pains...always...haha,  I can tickle their feet or under their chin and they seem to naturally smile.  They may not know what's going on but dang it melts your heart!  (I may have said this before but I'm stating it again) 

Last night we probably saw another adorable thing I hope we see more of.  Mr. Adams was changing Oakley after Kenzington was fed and put back next to her sister.  Well miss Oakley was not happy with the changing process on top of being hungry so she was screaming away.  Just as she started to reach her peak of screaming Kenzington reached over looking at her sister and reached for Oakley's hand.  Oakley would pull away as she wailed but time and time again Kenzlee kept reaching as if to try and calm her sister.  :( I wanted a picture so bad but didn't have a camera at the time, sadly.

Anyway, they both are getting big each still just a bit into 6lbs and getting longer.  I swear their legs are longer than their head and torso combined!  I can't wait to put them in their own clothes and take some cute picture without that silly tube in their nose, that obviously neither of them enjoy since daily they remove the tube themselves!  It's quite funny to watch actually as they pull on it and sneeze about 7 times in a row as it slowly comes up and out.  =p

Doctors and nurses are saying they are close to coming home though!  Hopefully before their due date!  ...hopefully.

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