Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little crazy!

I'm going to start this post out with a pictures of these two beauties.  (I know they are so recurring but can we resist?! I think not!)

(She looks a little crazy I know, haha)

In some very weird way these two bring peace into my life.  Much like my motorcycles did and still does.  

Things have been a bit nuts around hurrr.  With both the girls going through their sick stages, Ms. O taking on the worst of it.  To school picking up, me joining the Womans Rugby Team, tax season, drama, planning the twins get the picture.

All I can say is we have some amazing family and friends that have been helping us out through everything!  We are way too lucky! :)  

The girls are starting to show signs of being out of the fog with their crud.  Ms. O still has a little congestion which in turn is causing her gag reflex to some what act up with her premature reflux she had making it a lot worse...lets just say some people may not understand the word "projectile" till they watch her have one of her fits!  Yeah, we have washed her bedding 3 times now, a couch cushion, not to mention several outfits. 

Which is now going to lead me into my next story...this one makes me feel like I failed as a mother.  At least for last night! :)  

I don't know how many times I've heard stories of moms/dads letting their little one roll off the couch, bed, changing table etc.  That it happens, they are strong and usually emerge unscaved.   Heck, Both the ninja and I have let Ms. O roll off the ottoman once each.  Unfortunately this new story doesn't involve Ms. K leveling out the playing field.  It again involves the little O.  As I was frantically calling my mom about one of O's fits last night I had her sitting on our table and I held her with my arm wrapped around  her back.  

Now let me fist paint you a picture of our table.  It is not your normal 3ft tall dining room table  the general population owns.  It is about 5 ft or more tall-like those bar tables you see at Applebees.  :)  

So, as I began to pick her up and move with her while still on the phone..she decided I guess in a fit of rage at how cruddy she felt.. that she would fling herself backwards.  Me, completely unsuspecting watched in horror as I see her rolling off and down my body spinning towards the hardwood floor.  As fast as I could (after a choice cuss word) I grabbed for her nighty dress, luckily catching her just in time and then stepping out my foot in hopes of cushioning the fall.  I still cannot get her scared to death squished face and curled body as she gradually hit the floor.  LUCKILY my attempts did work at causing her impact to be very minimal.  She came out more frightened than anything.  
The excitement was so much she then again..proceeded to cover our floors with her 3pm feeding.  :/  I felt so horrible.  I couldn't help but tear up and pace across the house with her in my arms limp with exhaustion.  

Will she remember this day and hate me for not keeping her safe?  Who knows, probably not!  But that does not stop me as the mom from feeling like I should have been better.  

Alas, she began to smile and play as if nothing happened and we are now all better. :)

Like I said, it's been a little crazy.  My mind is on the fritz and my eyes feel like they may explode. 

Another thing I enjoy seeing is the girls interacting with other kids.  We recently had some friends come over and stay the evening with their little one and despite how adorably small she was compared to the girls we had to get pictures of them together.

I am happy to say despite the sore muscles, no time for relaxation, sickies, the scaring of a moms ego, and the smell of gross in the house the past few days, we are all enjoying every minute of the mayhem! 


  1. LOL You're NOT a bad mom. Kids are unpredictable and they just do this stuff. My brothers were ALWAYS getting hurt (a habit they never grew out of) and they all made it - happy and healthy. :-)

  2. basically, these are the cutest little pups ever. end of story :)

  3. I just happened upon your blog. The photos of your twins remind me of the ones my mom has of my twin sister and I when we were babies. So cute!

    I'm sure there are not many people out there who can relate to what you are going through right now. My mom has told me some crazy stories about us growing up!


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