Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Heart Faces | Soft & Sweet

I thought this was perfect in showing how soft and sweet my little gremlins are. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fave 5 Friday

  1. Royal weddings are like a fairy tale and so adorable. 

2.  This string of images just make me smile.  Amazing

3.  I really need a couple new sweat shirts but I want to keep it simple and I really like these

4.  The adorable items at Forget-Me-Knots Etsy shop

5.  We are off to Mexico in a week and I totally wish I had this number.

Speaking of vacations, what do you take?  Do you keep it simple?

{Happy Friday Everyone!}

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead full of sun shine and good times! :)  
We'll be eating with some friends tonight, then who knows what we'll do.  
Free fallin' 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday with a kitty

Easter Sunday started out with some pretty awesome eats for breakfast.  The girls had their first try of fresh strawberries, bananas, and some french toast.  It was amazing at how entertained us "grown ups" were with watching them eat.   The faces they made, the giggles  from how proud of themselves they were.  

Ms. O ate up everything on her plate, while Ms. K ate most of everything, eventually all the bananas got very mushy and so she was having a bit of a time trying to get em in her mouth.

Instead of us getting the girls baskets their g-p's got them a couple of toys, new dresses and some bubbles.
Oh, and a kitty..

A little history about the whole kitty thing.  My cat lives with my parents and every time we go there the girls freak out with joy, squealing and wiggling like crazy when Soda (the cat) comes around.  We call her the weird dog, or tiny dog, etc.  So, my parents thought it would be great to get them their own kitty. It was a hit! It walks, purrs, and everything!  As I sit here typing the kitty is sitting up on one of our chairs and every now and then Oakley catches it with her eye and just screams like crazy. Too cute. 

Most the afternoon we spent sleeping, playing Wii and rolling around on the ground trying to get the girls to crawl.  Yes..3/4 of us were on our hands and knees demonstrating what to do.  It was a sight.

It was somewhat of a success since we got them on their knees and they stayed on their knees for a bit..but hey it's a work in progress.  Before we left to have Easter dinner with the dude's family we put on their new dresses and got out the bubbles.  They hadn't seen them before so I was excited to see their reactions.  Well, their reactions were pretty much confusion.  They didn't really understand where they were coming from and where they went.  They would try to reach and grab then kind of just sit there and stare when they popped. Haha, not really any giggles..but in time I'm sure it will change. 

Easter dinner at the in-laws was fun.  They had gotten some booster seats for the girls so we were able to give them some steamed carrots, potatoes, apple sauce, and bits of roll.  They really loved sitting at the table with everyone and watching us all eat and eat with us.  Oakley really liked it and was gabbing here and there to people around her.  
We had some good eats and laughs.  Talked a bit about my last game of the season that the dudes dad and sister were able to make it to.  
They got to see me score a try and then get taken out by someone throwing me onto my shoulder.  Don't worry, that wasn't bad compared to the 2 (illegal) body checks in a row I got later on in the game by some ginormous girl..the 2nd took me out of the game.  Still it was a way fun game and I can't wait for next season!

Anyway, dinner and playing around with the kids after was a lot of fun, we checked out the g-p's new rolling cabin and sat around chatting.  

I do miss coloring and searching for eggs.  But I know next year we are going to have so much fun hiding the eggs and coloring them with the girls.  

I hope everyones weekend was fun and spent with loved ones!

What did everyone else do for Easter?

{Happy Monday!}

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday fun

Friday was a nice break from crazy Thursday.  We spent most the morning and afternoon smiling and playing.  The twins got to have their first grilled cheese sandwich, chopped into little pieces.  Did they enjoy it?  Let me paint a picture- 
I had chopped the freshly made sandwich into 2 halves, then into small bite size pieces. After dividing them evenly onto the 2 high chair tables and letting them have at it.  I turned to get their sippy cups ready.  Upon my return I find both girls, fists full of bread and cheese, looking up at me munching away with mouths full and dribbles of sandwich coming down their chin.  Topping it off with a happy smile and giggle, from them and me.  
Short answer: Yes. 

Needless to say they are enjoying getting to try new things.  (More on that later) 

After lunch was some much needed rolling around and attempts at teaching them to crawl.

Did I mention there was some "attacking" going on?

Soon as the dude got home we decided to go for a walk. I have one thing to say about that: Beautiful..
Oh and I just love my old, worn out, bum shoes and the sun! :)

Anyway, after our walk it was time to go out with some family and.. well.. be totally awesome and bowl!  Sadly we went with someone who goes roughly every day or weekly or... they were good and well I'm bad. BUT I love it!

2 games, 2 nachos and 1 ice cream cone later, it was time to head home, grab the girls from their g-p's and pass out.  It was a fun night out with family with some good laughs.  A very nice break away from finals, study, testing, and blah. 
What's your ideal Friday night?

{Hope everyone had a great Easter!}
I'll hopefully have an update of ours tomorrow. (wave)

I Heart Faces | Pets

This weeks photo challenge is Pets.  With our dogs being our first "kids", we have lots of pictures but unfortunately a lot aren't that great.  I thought this would be great because of how 'in the moment' it was.  We were walking to a water fall and I was looking down at them, not even hinting for them to look up, when Kiona looked directly into the camera.  Perfect.  Her eyes make me smile. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011


  1. Fridays are       meant for being lazy and enjoying everything that is going on.

2.    Riding my motorcycle, the sun, water sports, silly faces, ice cream and watching my gremlins chat and play    make me terribly happy.

3.  Something that inspires me is    the mountains, or heck the Earth.  It's so amazing how it all came to be and the fact that we get to explore and enjoy this place.  It makes me want to do something BIG  .

4.  If I had the day off today I would     load up the bikes and go for a ride.  Or simply just lay in bed all day telling jokes and eating junk .

5.  If I had to put a label on my home decor style, I would say my style is    non-existant.  I need a home makeover anyone wanna help :) .

6.  Concerning politics I would say I'm       a very opinionated person about choices but no idea what side I'm on I think all our "leaders" are nuts  .

7.  I'd like to go to       Ireland      so I could       see all the pretty green and awesomeness . 

What are your plans for this holiday weekend?
{Have a fantastic Friday!}  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

summer goals

With Winter and Spring kind of winding down and school coming to a close I feel all sorts of out of whack.  My mind can't focus, my nerves are almost shot, and everything is a mess.
So in hopes of preparing or bringing my mind to ease I want to make a list of summer goals. Maybe with me broadcasting it all over the net it will force me to stick to them...maybe, hehe.

  • Firstly I'd like to finish a couple projects I've got 90% done that are sitting next to my mums sewing machine. :p Sorry mom!
  • Keep exercising at least 3 times a week.  On my own or at the gym. So if anyone wants to join me on a weekly regiment that's in my area let me know :)
  • Make a monthly/weekly meal plan.  It's about time we have actual meals around here and I'm thinking it's also time I put away old habits of eating junk all day.
  • Do away with the unnecessary sugars.  For good this time, I did the whole 2 month thing and it wasn't too bad.  I should have kept up with it.
  • Read more books.  I miss reading a good book and school has kept me from that.
  • With that, read more books to the wee ones.
  • Spring cleaning.  Or should I say extremely deep and involved cleaning.  Starting with our kitchen/living area.  Slowly working our way to the mess of a bedroom we have.  Maybe I wont need to work out with all the physical labor I'll be doing!
  • Along with the cleaning, baby proof the house.  Might as well get it done while they are still stuck to the ground..because it wont be much longer than a month or so before they are mobile and raiding the cupboards. 
  • Go through all the girls old clothes and donate/sell them.  
  • Take a couple days a month to go longboarding/mountain biking/motorcycles etc.  The dude and I deserve a break let alone time together alone and those are things we really enjoy.
  • Take lots of video of the gremlins playing or just doing what they do.  
  • Talk with a recruiter and ask serious questions so that we can make some serious decisions.  
  • Spend as much time outside as possible.  This means BBQ's, swimming, playing, what have you. I miss the outdoors. 
  • This could go along with the last one, but I think it's important enough for it's own line: Long walks. :)
  • Start playing the guitar again.  
  • Try to focus on what I'm wanting to do in the future, of course I'm going to school for one particular thing, but there are so many things that interest me that I would really love to pursue. I just have no clue which one or where to start or anything like that.  I feel almost like I just want to be a Swiss Army Knife and have an endless amount of talents/options.  
Hmm, OK so it's more of a "To Do" list, but still it's goals none the less.  I may add more to the list here and there but for now, I'm pretty sure that will keep me occupied and organized.   Back to my studies!
{Happy Wednesday!} ❤

Wordless Wednesday

 (She didn't want to touch the grass)

(we are good parents, we swear! haha)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hey loves

I am Blog of the Week over at Cherie's beautiful Lots of Jewels blog!  Not only do I love her style but I love her "letters to my children" posts, so great!  Go on over and take a look!

PS.  That pretty little "jewel" up there!  She makes those!  Check out her Esty Shop you know you'll love it.