Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pretty Pretty!

I swore I didn't want to dress my girls up in pretty things making them look all girly...right..girls shouldn't do that! :)  It was always in my mind they would be these cute little tom boys from the start wearing motocross clothing-- Much like these HERE. (I will probably end up buying some things from here as well)

But I happen to come across this site called 

It has some of the cutest stuff I've ever seen. <3
I'm afraid I may end up spending a little too much money on this stuff!

The prices don't seem to horrible either.  At least comparing to Babies-R-Us and places like that.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Just keep swimming..

Swimming, swimming....

This weekend was simply a blast!

It's sad to have left the sunny  town of Las Vegas but we simply had to do it.
The drive down was actually pretty pleasant with no fussy babies or anything.
We stayed at my brothers place he just bought a few months back. It's such a cool house!  He has a few things to fix in it but once he's done it's going to be a great first place for him.

The best part was the pool in the back.  We decided to take the girls for their first swim!  They looked so cute in their little swim suites.  (No they don't match, but that's what you get for shopping at kid 2 kid)

It was safe to say they did not enjoy it the first time in.

So we gave them a break. 

It was so fun watching the dogs play in the water.  I think Mr. Adams and the 2 dogs swam more than anyone else!

After getting some food in her belly I decided to take Oakley in for another try....since her sister was other wise occupied....

Oakley actually did really good the 2nd time around and just sat in my arms making gurgling noises.

I really want to thank my family for being there with us.  It was so great to have everyone together.  My parents were amazing and helped watched the girls letting us have a little vacay to swim and be ourselves again for a short while.  <3

I cannot wait to go back to visit again.  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Success for the weekend!

We have success! Sadly it took a doctors visit and a bum exam, but non the less we have doody! =D 3 explosions later and I seem to have 2 happier babies. 

This is a good thing, since we are headed on our way to Las Vegas for the weekend.  Here's to hoping the drive goes well.  We plan on swimming, eating, swimming, and eating some more.  It's going to be a good vacation seeing my brother and spending time with the family.  

I'll be sure to take lots of pics of the girls in their swim suits and pretty little head  bands, hehe.  Until then probably no updates!  

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Since I'm a little unmotivated today.  Here is a good site to get not only my gears moving but everyone else.  :) Hopefully then I'll have the strength to do a full blog update.  

<3  You Can Do IT!  <3

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slightly Mad

It's been almost a week since the "business" went down as mentioned before.  We've been trying the Karo Syrup method, using 1teaspoon of syrup with 2 ounces of water.  So far each girl has gotten a total of 4oz/2tspn.  We've only had small success so far.  If there is no change by tomorrow afternoon, Dr. B will be seeing what else we can try. 

Tonight instead of just one being up fussing and carrying on, it has been both.  So here I sit with one in her bouncer and the other in the boppy next to me.  Tonight is being written down for their baby books as one of the longest nights with BOTH crying.  I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow and maybe I'll be able to catch some very much needed Z's.  

I've decided the second I start having conversations with myself and falling asleep at the keyboard while holding down the "=" key, means something needs to be fixed.  <3 In due time I'm sure. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's all about the poop

It's 11:59PM as I'm pacing the floor, a 3 month old screaming ever so slightly in my ear.  I would have thought by now there would be a figure 8 design engraved in the wood floors.  The dogs lay aside watching us when hours before they followed us as if it were a game.  Kenzlee is upset and there is nothing that I can do to stop it.  By the time the clock reads 12:30AM we both are in tears. Missing this happy little face:

 It's been at least 5 days since either of the girls have done their "business" and they are not happy about it.  It's been rough getting them to nap let alone sleep for the night.  I've ready all the tips and tricks but wanted to wait to get a doctors approval due to their premature digestive systems.  
Luckily by 1AM she had not only exhausted herself but myself as well and we both fell asleep.  The rest of the night was a mine field, the slightest breathe or movement sent both into screams of pain.  I feel guilty being their mom and their main food source.  Was it something I'm eating?  How could it be?  It happened suddenly for both and my diet has been the same as when they were born.  Everything was fine one day and wrong the next.  They told us to watch for their poops and they were right, it's all about the poop.  This morning after few hours of sleep I was able to talk to Dr. B who assured me it happens and we can help it move along.  So for the next 24 hours they are getting a couple bottles of water and if this doesn't help they'll be given milk with a tbsp of Karo oil.  I hope it passes soon so we all can get some much needed rest.  I can't imagine how much pain they are in and I feel horrible. Why has motherhood given me such strong emotions! :)

Thank goodness we had such a great's like padding before the storm.  Thanks to the mum-in-law Friday night Mr. A and I were able to get out on a "date night".  Hooray for Date Nights right?!
We went to a Luau put on by one of his schools meeting some great people while eating some amazing food.  By the end of the Luau we headed on over to Miracle Bowl.  I'm happy to say that my main squeeze is amazing at everything he does...except...BOWLING! Ha ha, I finally am better at something, not that it's a competition or anything. ;)  No matter the winner we had a great time. Dancing around while we threw the ball down the alley. I realized 3 things while we were there:
1)  I love bowling!
2) I love bowling shoes!

and 3)  I have got no arm muscle, as I was searching for the lightest ball (8lbs) which was still TOO heavy for me it seemed. 

Bowling ended and homeward bound we were.  I loved getting out but was so excited to go to bed!  Sleep is like the fountain of youth!

You know the location of the fountain until you have then only catch glimpses of where you last saw it as you fight to reach it again.  Or something-

The Kayaking Lobster

Yet again Saturday my parental units come to the rescue.  We were invited to go kayaking with some friends of ours down the Provo river.  I'd never been kayaking before and had always wanted to try it out.  Not only that but I have been feeling like the house as a prison and really wanted to breathe in some more of this summer air before it was too late.

After dropping the wee ones off at the gamparents and navigating through Orem we met up with our friends at their parents place.  It was so cool to see as we pulled up that Betty's parents were coming along.  On the ride up I was getting the kayaking 101 lesson...who knew it could sound so frightening.  I was getting told stories of getting stuck under bushes, tipping over by touching rocks, stories or a deadly bridge that has water running sideways through it. (OK, not deadly but still)

I'm all for new crazy things but man they got my blood pumping. LOL
We reached our destination and within minutes I was being launched into the river filled with tubers.  I let out a dainty squeal as I was pushed away from the shore, wobbling into a pack of round red rubber tubes floating down stream.  It took a moment to remember my teachings of "stay centered", "don't lean over", "and whatever you do, DO NOT let go of your paddle".
Soon I calmed and got the hang of things.

The whole of our adventure took maybe 3 hours maybe a little more.  We stopped once along the way down at a rock, in the past used to have a diving board attatched to it, that we all attempted to splash passing tube goers. 

Everyone was enjoying themselves, a nice Saturday out in nature.

By the end my arms felt broken, my abs felt worked, and my skin was the color of a happy lobster.  We enjoyed it so much we actually plan on looking into getting a couple of our own.  

They offered to take us out on the boat once we got back, I was shocked!  This family is awesome!  :) The parents were more than willing to keep going and have a blast.  Sadly we couldn't accept, we had two little gremlins to get back to.  

Whom I missed dearly. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Portraits and Shopping

I've been wanting to get some pictures taken of the girls ever since they've been home.  So naturally I've been looking around at the available photographers/studios out there and their pricing. 
After taking a gander and some information as well as potential places to go we have decided to wait until the girls are 5-6 Months old till we pay to get their portraits.  

They have passed that "newborn" stage where they are sleepy all the time and pretty content with whatever you do with them.  Currently in their fussy stage where they want to be moving on their own but can't and are stuck crying to hopefully get where they want.  So theory is, (from what we've read), it's best if we wait till the 5-6month stage when they are able to sit up on their own, can smile and interact with the camera a little better.  After thinking about it, I completely agree.  I'm pretty sure I'd have an aneurism from the stress if I had to worry about them being little angles for a photographer.  

It in a way sucks that we couldn't get those cute new born pictures you see all around due to them being in the NICU from the get go.  But it is what it is, they have some cute NICU pictures as well as I don't mind taking TONS of photos of them till we can get them professionally done.  

Like this one =D

Anyway, last night was a rough one.  For some reason I was not meant to get any sleep and was up from 1AM The joys of parenthood, yeah?  

Besides the circles under the eyes, today was a great day!  It was the girls first day shopping!  (What us girls are made for right?) Luckily their gamma was off to help out with the totting around.  We have quite a bit of preemie stuff that needed to be returned and since at the time I was hoping to get some outfits for a photo shoot..we looked for those.  The girls did great!  They were quiet and sleeping the entire time.  We were able to go to Carter's and Babies-R-Us.  We didn't find any outfits for photos, maybe that's a good thing, but we did exchange what was needed and got some really cute 6month old outfits! I cannot wait for them to be able to fit into those.

I still need to wander on over to Kid-2-Kid and see if we can find some swim suits for their first road trip/vacation to Las Vegas in the coming month.  Not only that, but I've been trying to find some bows I can stick on their head and headbands..either I'm picky or it's hard to come by good ones.  If not at Kid-2-Kid I've seen that Old Navy might have some good stuff.  (Or the mall but..that's a whole other journey)

Today was also the first day they had their RN from the health department come visit them to monitor their grown and development.  Good news!  They're doing great!  Trying to hold their heads up like a normal 1 month 2 week old baby. =D 

Weighing a whopping 10#'s 7oz for Ms. O. and 10#'s 3oz for Ms. K.

  The RN will be coming once a month to check their development.  So that'll be great to make sure we're on the right track and they are doing well.

So far tonight has gone better than last. The girls were in bed by 8PM and are still there.....So..I guess that's mean I should try and sleep before it's too late!  


Monday, August 16, 2010


Or what seems to be a routine...

Not many people I've talked to has a "routine" they try to follow with their newest addition.  In fact most have said, "we just go with the flow".  I couldn't imagine not have routine, rules, guild lines, daily rituals at this point.  I wish it were as easy as just letting things happen as they come, heck, that's how I prefer to live my life.  

Our routine is simple-

7AM:  We are generally still in bed, gas medicine is given and each girl gets fed and changed, then back to sleep.  If we didn't go back to sleep it would be a long day of cranky mom and babies.

9AM-9:30AM:  One of the girls will generally wake hungry, she'll get fed and changed with clothes for the day put on.  Normally at this time I could have 5-30 minutes before the other wakes.  This gives me one on one time with who ever is currently awake, as well as time for breakfast.  Otherwise, breakfast goes out the window for me. =p

10AM:  The other is normally awake by this time changed, dressed, and fed.  

10AM-12PM:  Now between this time it's pretty much said that they are going to both want attention.  IF I can occupy one with the swing I'll spend some tummy time with the other...otherwise it's both of them on the ground while mom tries to make the silliest faces and noises to get them to be content.  Also hoping they learn to play with each other. (At this point it's safe to say they aren't too fond of each other)

12PM:  Now this time is important.  They HAVE to be laid down for a nap otherwise they are very cranky and mom is getting cranky, specially if she wasn't able to eat breakfast.  

12PM-1PM:  I can some times get an hour of nap time out of them.  It's pretty sketchy though and usually one is up within 20 minutes.  Which is fine as long as I have the other still down sleeping.  Also at this time Mr. A is home for lunch and we get to spend some time alone together IF they both are sleeping.  (Luckily today they were)

1PM-3PM:  They are given their gas medicine again, fed, and are generally awake during this time.  Now we do occasionally go for a walk with they are pretty content for.  If not and we are home, we spend most the time either in the living room in bouncers or outside in bouncers trying to keep the babies happy till dad gets home at 3:30PM.  (If he gets home on time)  This time can go pretty rough and this past week has been spent with all 3 of us in tears.  A good majority of this time they are acting hungry and I spend most the time trying to feed them.  

3:30PM-5PM:  This time is usually the "up in the air" time of the day.  Depending on if Mr. A gets home on time and what we have to do for the day.  Sometimes it's simply relax feed the kids and play/hold them for the time being.  Other times it's mass attack mom and cry, why?  Because they can!  

5PM-6:30PM:  By this time of the day the girls are pretty cranky, I think it's their Fuss Time.   It generally takes both Mr. A and I holding one until their next feeding around 6:30-7PM.  

6:30PM-8PM:  Bottles MUST be given within the 6:30-7PM time frame.  Otherwise you have 2 gremlins who make sure to let you know they are hungry and tired.  This is their 1 bottle for the day, which is filled with just formula. (Unless of course we go out and I bring some thawed milk in bottles) If they take their bottle by 6:30 it generally will take them 30-45 minutes to finish.  Every other day they are given a bath after their bottle.  Then after bath it's down for bed.   Normally having them in bed by 8PM.  Sometimes longer due to fussy or fighting sleep. They usually will only fall asleep if in their bouncer or held on mine or Mr. A's chest.  

8PM-11PM:  During this time if all goes well they are both in bed by 8PM and we have the rest of the night alone.  We do have the occasional wake up, where one wont sleep very well and has to be comforted again.  I'll pump during this time as to store milk for days away from home. Getting about 5oz each side....not that that's important. =p

11PM-3AM:  Both the hubs and I are in bed by 11PM (if not earlier), me because I'm exhausted and him cause he has work.  If the girls are sleeping fine they will stay in their crib till roughly 3AM.  If one does wake up before then fussing we will generally bring her into the bed room and put her in the co-sleeper as to not wake the other.  Sometimes this goes well other times it does not, it's really hit or miss.  We tend to not try and feed either of them again if they are fussy due to having the bottle and them usually just being extremely tired.  

3AM-4AM:  Around this time they wake up for their early feeding, normally one at a time making it easy to simply nurse in bed so as I get more sleep and they can fall asleep again after filling up.  If both wake at the same time I'll usually wander out to the living room and tandem feed.  (after a change of the diaper of course).

4AM-6:30AM:  We are all back in bed by 4-4:30AM.  If the girls don't go down easy we will tummy hold them in bed till they do.  Giving us another couple hours of sleep.

Then we are around to 7AM again.

Of course not every day will go this way but we I usually try to keep it on the same schedule because otherwise it's pretty much WWIII.

If we do spend the day away from home the routine is ruined and the day normally doesn't go smoothly.  If they are given their bottle at 7PM and not at home they get pretty cranky and want to be able to go to sleep.  Car rides are nice, if they aren't hungry, since they go to sleep pretty quickly after getting going. 

Feedings are also a hit and miss.  90% of the time I spend feeding them.  It takes one roughly 30-45 minutes to eat...same for the other.  As you can imagine when they want to eat 2 hours after the last feeding it gets pretty repetitive.  

As you can see I don't get any time to myself...not yet anyway.  I generally will try and shower when Mr. A get's home, other than that I normally will not get anything done.  I have clean laundry that has been sitting in the laundry room since before they came home from the hospital.  I have yet to sit in my hammock since they've been home and normally the hubs does all the cooking.  Unless we hit a good night were I get 30 minutes and can cook something up. 

Bottom line,  I don't have enough arms or enough time in the day.  Tuesdays are good because the Gamma comes or I go to her for some much needed help.  Even then 4 hands doesn't always cover it.  I've met 1 mom of Twins who is a single mother.  I give her very big props!  One at a time is.....difficult, (yes yes it has it's hard times I know. I'm not knocking all you moms out there by any means <3) one at a time with a husband and help is easy!  Two at a time with help and a hubby is ridiculous, two at a time with absolutely no help......God Help Them.  (Not even mentioning triplets/quads/etc or a child with a disability, those of you with those...I LOVE YOU!  On top of, hope to have your patience someday).  Not saying it's impossible..cause it's possible...but it is definitely more than you can handle.  It takes more patience than any one person has. 

Of course every child is different if you're lucky your baby hardly cries and is perfect.  On the other hand you could have everything in the book thrown at you from colic to a horrible disability...either way we make it through!!
 It's an accomplishment! You get to watch your beautiful babies grow.  Grow because you raised them..YOU.  The price of a pregnancy and 10yrs of instant aging for the reward of one, two or even three tiny little smiles waiting for you in the morning.  

For any mom out there with a Singleton, Twins, Trips and so on...If you are happy by the end of the day and your kids are safe and sound from a day of learning and are a Super Parent.

Now...It's not a to-the-T routine...but it's ours.... 

Thursday, August 12, 2010


It hits me about the same time every day.  That time of day when no longer do we want to be in bed anymore, it's time to see the world..and we STRETCHHH!  Not only do I stretch but I have 2 identical stretches happening right next to me.  That is when it hits me that my genes created some kooky kiddos!
It's hard to imagine how hard parenthood could ever be.  It's humbling in so many ways.  You're never ready for it even if it's planned and everything you've been waiting for.  One thing is true that everyone tells you, your brain dies after giving birth, ha ha.  Austin was asked if we've aged 10 yrs....I answer, "Yahuh"

Life alters in the blink of an eye!  It's great great!  Despite how horrible this week has gone, yes it's been rough, I wouldn't want it any other way!  You really need to just find a balance..not only for your new comers but for yourself.  A balance of doing what's right and needs done then doing things for yourself.  Get out, have fun, life isn't over.  If anything it's just begun and become that much more amazing.

It's those 10 minutes of smiles and cuddles that makes everything, OK.  
One day I'll miss those cuddles and wish for it all to come back.

Even though the last few days were rough, today wasn't so bad.  Oakley and I even were able to get in some tummy time with some toys.  She was loving it...till she realized she couldn't turn over on her own.     It was so fun to watch her eyes at how curious she was of everything she could see.  Her brow was furrowed the whole time as if her brain was turning taking it all in. 

What happen to when grown ups were so innocent?  When all we cared about was playing and how much fun we were going to have the next day?  I miss those days.  I try though, try really hard to think of how I can spend my day with no regret and enjoy it.  It's hard, I think when you get older you start to realize all the worries and fears that come with this world....if only we could be sheltered.  Then again, why would you want to hide from the truth?

Yeah, I don't know either.  

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer time...

and the livin's easy!

It's been hot and it's been great!  We haven't done a whole lot with our selves other than sit around relaxing, hey that's great if you ask me! :)  We need all the rest we can get right now.  
The last week has been so amazing weather wise!  I love summer thunder storms, makes me feel like a kid again "Ohhh"ing and "ahhh"ing at every lighting crash.  
We were able to get some pretty cool pics of the sky one of the nights after a did almost everyone else it seemed like. 

(Yeah...hard to get a good pic of the sky without the dang roof...if only I had a ladder!)

Sadly the pictures don't do it justice!

I've been messing with the digital camera a bit more, I'm not artist with it but it's been fun! lol
I get a little carried away sometimes...

(Messing with the settings...manual old cameras are so much easier, haha)

Miss Oakley getting ready for her nap!

They are growing so fast and good it's hard to imagine they were so fragile less than 3 months ago!
Last time we weighed them they were 9lbs3oz and 9lbs6oz with a length of 20-21in.  
They are observing us so much more and taking everything in.  I'm pretty sure Oakley giggled for the first time while I was tickling her on Aug 8.  It was a short screech but so cute!  
We've been starting to learn what gets them to sleep and helps them sleep longer periods.  Their schedule is getting fairly solid.  Making it easier to know when they'll be hungry give or a take a half hour or so.  Every parent says this about their kid but we have some pretty dang cute little ones....

(Cuddling with daddy)


As of August 8,  I am an Auntie again!
Kayleigh Nicole was born 6lbs 10oz!  I'm so proud of her mumsy she did such a good job!
I can't wait to meet the little one.


Yesterday my parents were so awesome and watched the girls for a bit while the man and I took a hike up to Sliding Rock in Alpine.  It was a beautiful day, not too hot.  We were very excited to get out of the house and into doing things we used to before they were born.  (Although I was very excited to get home to the girls!)

(My shoes were a trendy topic with the idea why, haha)

Obviously we took the pups, boy oh boy are they so sore right now!  We kind of feel bad, they are just hobbling around the house as if they never get out.  Both loved the water, although poor Kiona scared herself in the upper pool.  She started swimming in it and got spooked and then tried to climb up a vertical rock wall...lets just say it didn't work out amazing and she seemed to hurt herself.  After that she didn't get in the water much and made a point to stick by our sides.  Auzzie Bear on the other hand just couldn't get enough of swimming around.

(The water was so cold and refreshing!)

(Goobers much?)

(The digital doesn't take the best videos and we forgot to bring the flip so we made do..)

All in all we had a great time.  We can't wait to go again with friends very soon as well as hope to some day take the girls...there were 4yr olds up there going down alone!  It's a tiny hike for some great summer time activities.  =D

This coming week is going to be rough...Austin goes back to work this morning and I'm nervous about being alone all day with the girls.  I wont get anything done and we'll probably spend a lot of it on the couch juggling one after the other! I know I can do it though....well...I have to do it! I've had such great help since they've been home, sadly help can't be here always.  

SO we'll see how it goes!  I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on if I survive or not.....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are you sure?

Apparently last night at some time after 11pm, I went and did a little sleep walking. 
We know this because around 2am I woke and instead of Kenzington being in her crib, she was safe and sound hanging out in my arms.  It took me a second to realize what had happened, or even to notice which baby was in my arms..but I finally did.  Neither Austin or I can remember me getting up and getting her, let a lone one of them crying last night after they were put to bed.  Kind of scary, yet kind of funny. 

The little ones have been pretty fussy since their shots.  It's gradually getting better though and they are starting to sleep more again.  For the first couple days after they were pretty adamant about letting us know they were ticked off and hurting a little.  I don't think Oakley slept more than an hour at a time just the other night.  Spending most the morning keeping me awake, anytime my eyes shut she'd yell.  It was frustrating but looking back I just laugh trying to picture what she might have been thinking, as if to plot my demise!  "Ew, she's falling asleep again....WAAAAHHHHHH....hahhaha got her!  At this rate she'll do whatever I want just to get me to stop!".......right...

They have been home with us a month tomorrow.  It's crazy to think that much time has already past.  Good thing we are taking so many pictures or else we wouldn't believe that they were this tiny!  Although they are near on their way to 9lbs now!   Hopefully this means that I can convince the hubs that it's OK for them to go out a little more.  It has been the allotted time the doctors at the NICU suggested.  

Mr. A will be going back to work in about a week and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go nuts without his help around.  He has been so amazing, sometimes he'll pick up the girls when they have been perfectly content in their swing/bouncer and I'll ask, "Was she crying?".."No, I just wanted to hold her, she's awake."  It's adorable and handy when I need my hands free to do things around the house.  It is kind of sad when I'm asking him how to handle some diaper situations though...I need more practice I guess! Ha Ha.

Another week down and many more to go of action filled fun! =D  Let just hope I don't lose my mind sooner than later.....