Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Then what?

The last couple days I've been watching a lot of NICU moms go home.  Almost each baby that was in there with us from the beginning or after us are gone and home.  I'm so happy for those moms and glad to see how quickly some of the babes can just turn around and you know they're ready. On the other hand it's also very hard to see that they are going home and you're not.  Especially when your kid has absolutely everything going for them expect they do not have those hunger queues to eat correctly.  I've just been trying really hard to remind myself that they are only 38 weeks and shouldn't even be born.  

I also hear the moms talk about how nervous they are to be finally taking their child home because they are so used to having someone else there helping take care of them.  When I hear that I can't help but think the exact same thing.  I have no idea what I'm going to do when they get home and we have to put them on our own schedule.  It's going to be rough, I know.  I just hope I can do it right.

Our little goblin and gremlin are doing great though.  I'm so proud of the 180 that Oakley has made in the last couple days.  She's waking up on her own and screaming at us to let us know "FEED ME"!  You would never think hearing your baby scream for food is a pleasant thing.  It is...for now at least, hehe. :)
I haven't asked how much they weigh lately but I'm sure they are reaching 6 1/2lbs each.  

The doctors and nurses at this point have been asking when we want the girls to move forward which has put us at ease a little bit and is helping us learn how to read the girls.  I've been able to tell lately when they are too tired for things or they aren't or are hungry and it has made me fell more like their mom.

Today we are thinking of taking a step forward to 12 hour request.  It will probably depend on how they do at their 10am feeding. So, we'll see.  I'm in no huge rush these days because I understand we are following what the girls want and need. 

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  1. You sweet loving Mama, you are feeling all the right emotions, I bet those nurses are going to miss those little angels, maybe they are more special and fun to be around than those other babies!
    Baby essentials...those vibrating reclining baby chairs...when big enough, a bean bag for baba feedings, I saw my old friend do that with her twins it was great.
    Naps are good especially after feedings, even a quick dip in a warm bath with a good lotioning up is great for long nappies. For you will be needing those! Don't stress, go with the flow, before you know it, they'll be fighting over cereal and cartoons, and you'll be right back on facebook with the rest of us.. ;)


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