Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family Photos

We finally took that leap, that leap that you always say, "lets wait till this time" or "it will be better if we do it later".  Using every excuse in hopes of finding the perfect time for it.  Truth is, there is no perfect time and you just need to jump.
What am I talking about, well the title says it all, Family Photos.

I don't know if it's just me but I dislike with a capital "DIS", getting my picture taken more often then not.  Even more so when taken by someone else.  I tense up, and turn into a rigor mortis corpse with a half decent pretend smile.  But that's besides the point. 
It's finally happened that I realized I have very little pictures of me with the girls, besides hospital pictures.  That's not good.  I want pictures as they grow up of me and them growing together, as well as all of us as a family growing together.  

Generally the dude tries to capture some of these moments, but with most I'm looking away or shying away from the camera.  This should change I know but I think that goes into a much deeper matter we will not address, ha.  

So I've decided to make it a definite yearly thing to get the family photo done.  But also it is my goal to relax and when the dude grabs that camera to just pretend it isn't there.  I want my girls to have these photos of us together when we have gone so that they can look back and hopefully see how much we were there for them.  Photos are what capture the memories for lifetimes to come.  No matter our fears we need to embrace those moments with full force!  

Anyway-- I hope you enjoy so of my favorites  :)

PS.  as you've noticed yet again I've been very absent.  Well school has been crazy this semester, not to mention I have some amazing things happening that I hope to be able to share soon.