Monday, June 7, 2010


The doctor called this morning and it's official.  The girls are progressing so nicely they have graduated them to Nursery B.  The "feeder and grower" side, where our main focus will be to get the nursing thing down so they can make it that much closer to going home!  I've been told I need to be there for 2 a day feedings since within the next week or so they may need to progress to 4 a day feedings.  If the hospital didn't already feel like a second home, it sure will now.   I don't mind too much the people are more than nice and the NICU has a great parent room to relax, eat, watch TV and use a computer during the times we want to leave the bedside for a break.

Kenzington is still having some brady episodes the worst we've seen was last night while the hubs was holding her and she turned a little blue.  We are a little worried but hope the doctor is right about her growing out of it within the next couple weeks.

So, we are that much closer and I see them changing daily!  I can't wait to see them today and help them in their progression.

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