Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What happens on Wednesdays?

I'll tell you what happens! You go to class, realize the final controls if you're going to pass or fail, you go home and freak out.

Well--Ok, not really FREAK OUT, but you know? Freak out. I'm sure I'll survive, I just hate studying when there are much more fun things to do out there. Especially with this wonderful weather! Wow, it's gorgeous out there today.

So he's the low down on my plans for my hair-dids. I just cut it today again, and wow, bleached it. The plan is to have it this way for when we go to Hawaii in the fall. (Easier to handle) So I'll cut it and get the roots done ONE more time before the trip.
Then after the trip, it's long hair from then on! Oh-and did I mention BROWN! ZOME! I know, I know, It's crazy. =p

<3 Hetty

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