Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Summer is coming to an end. There are signs all over! The sun is setting early and the air is feeling cooler, fresher even.

I'm excited for fall but at the same time will miss the early afternoon swims with the gremlins.  I never thought they would take so well to getting down and dirty in the water and mud. But they are girls after my own heart. 

With the cooler months on their way it's become a stressful thought as to how to keep the twins occupied when we aren't able to go outside as much.(Don't even get me started on the warmer clothes shopping!)  

Currently we are up by 8am.  Breakfast (after a rush to the restroom) is finished within 20 minutes. We spend a good 20-30 minutes reading books...the same books..over and over again. :)  Then they like to cuddle and watch a couple blue's clues or Go Diego Go before mid morning snack break. They then promptly insist on going out side to play on their slides and with their water tubs or even swim.   Before we know it it's lunch time.
Lately though K has insisted on going inside early. Even though the weather is wonderful. We aren't sure why she does this?
This in turn means more time inside and more time they end up becoming bored.  They even prefer to ride their bikes inside rather than out. 

I've been searching Pinterest (yes I  too am drawn to the addiction that is Pinterest) frantically for ideas of toddler games and activities.

That's when I came across this blog: Simple Little Home with 40 Ways to distract a toddler

Many of these we already do but the majority of these I never even thought of!  
For example ZipLock bag painting! What a great idea that keeps the mess off the kids (most importantly your house).  It has  sensory feeling and is a way to bring out their creative side.
I really need to pick up on the mommy awesome and schedule a good hour of crafting/painting/creating etc.  before their nap time. 

Do YOU have any great ideas to keep a toddler from throwing herself to the lions in a fit of rage? ;)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving forward

Why am I so lucky? 
Drama happens everywhere with everyone. Everyone has problems and obstacles they have to overcome. No one life is the same. Which in turn makes it hard for others to understand the difficulty of your own. 
This little family has had their ups and downs but I'm trying really hard to put things into perspective. To realize that as long as we have each other we can overcome these obstacles and also realize that everyone is different and we just need to be there for one another. 
In the end I'm lucky for all that I have and am able to accomplish. 

Sorry for the quality of the photos. I haven't moved them from my Lappy to my Desktop yet so I'm using re-saved grainy images. :)

This summer has come and gone we have been so very busy. Our vacations have been amazing and the twins wont stop growing. 
I don't normally openly talk about our religious beliefs. Mostly due to the "book by it's cover" policy. If some people were to know that I grew up LDS many would instantly assume I was a specific way. Without getting to know the history behind everything leading to this point.
I have not been active in the church since I was 19. At which point I was a nursery teacher along side my mother. I enjoyed it. I love kids. I have always had second thoughts and doubts in my mind about the Church though. Mostly based on past experiences that I wont really go into at this point..maybe another day.

Anyway, once my parents moved back to Washington I stopped going. I moved to another city and just never got involved in my ward. Through my doubts though I never once doubted my belief in the LDS church at the roots.  Again, more I could go into but wont.
The dude is a convert and, as well, hasn't been active for years. So when we met, it wasn't an issue or even really discussed. Until we had kids.
Once the twins were born we both felt like all children should have some backbone or stepping stone, I should say, of religion. At this point it was a matter of getting the push to finally go.

With things being hard and us struggling with things as a family, I started to really miss the church. The feeling that I got learning the things I did and how much I really did enjoy it. The support and friendship that I found with others through the church. Even if I chose not to see it at the time. To me it's been hard to just show up one day and say "Hey, I really didn't like coming to church for the 2 years we've lived here, so never did..but I'm here now!" 
But like I said, with things how they've been we felt like now was the right time. I feel like that was a good sign though, that we didn't force it, we didn't push ourselves into something we really weren't ready for.  

Waiting for the time that we felt was right, to me, was perfect.

So far, we've been a few times. The gremlins love their nursery and don't even seem to notice us leaving them behind. 
The first couple attempts us worried parents accompanied by my parents support, sat in the hall every now and then checking on the twins. Assuming at some point they would realize we were gone and scream. Or so we hoped as an excuse not to attend class.
With a little nudge from my dad though we did finally go to Sunday school this last weekend.

I will honestly say I didn't hate it. The things we spoke of and hearing the opinions of others was very refreshing and interesting. Even the dude enjoyed it, although he did admit during a semi important part he was lost in deep thought about Batman.  I couldn't argue...I too get lost in the awesome that is Batman. 

Most of this is a ramble, vent even. Very probably confusing and lost in translation! But bottom line, I think we are moving forward in directions that we should be. We are growing and repairing as a family, with support from so many around us as well.  

It's those little events and "mooshy gooshy" feelings that make me realize how great things are. As well as how much I should hold on to the tiny moments in life. Even if it takes large steps and struggles to get those moments. 

Like this for example:
Taking O and K to the ocean for the first time. :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

They grow up...

Most will's way too fast.  
I was going through pictures the other day of when they were new born's to 6 months. 
They were so cute, little, and pudgy! You just wanted to squeeze the guts out of the chub rolls, they were so adorable. (Yes, I'm biased)  

Now..  They are two 2 year old's ready to take on the world. Can you believe that? 8 week early preemies who now look and act like perfect, healthy, little angels. Not to mention I am proud to say that they are a good 90% potty trained at the age of 2! (the other 10% percent being the obstacle of the frightening public restrooms they refuse to enter) As long as we are only out and about an hour and a half or at some one else's home. We're golden!!  Boy is it nice to have no diapers in the house! 

People ask daily if it's hard to tell them apart. To be honest most the time yes.  That's because I know their personalities, how they hold themselves up, etc. But, I wont lie..there are plenty of times that I mistake one for the other, and to be honest as they have grown up, thinned out, and so on, it gets slightly harder to say right away: "oh yea, that's O." 

It's perfectly obvious how much they absolutely adore one another. I never thought I would get to experience such a close sisterly bond. Obviously they know no better, but it's still so beautiful to watch them learn with one another. To also teach each other new things, if one figures it out before the other. All children are miracles in my eyes but watching multiples grow up so close is a whole new experience that I wish everyone could enjoy.  

They take turns with each other, they give one another hugs if the other is hurt in any way. 

O will especially make sure "sissy" has a bear or stuffy before herself. She's such the mothering type it's amazes me.  How soft her heart is and how greatly she likes to take care of others just makes you melt.  She is also our dramatic of the two. Small things are made into large climactic events. The terrible two's should be spelled with her name in it! Fits are her cup of tea as her sister sits back with a look of "woman...chillllll!"  

K on the other hand is quiet, daring, loving, but most of all my ball of energy. Ironically enough mostly when she is tired. It's as though a switch is flipped and she will start asking you questions you could have never thought anyone would be interested in.  Her smiles lights up your life whenever she is proud or excited about something new. My parents always told me I had it coming. I would get a daughter who was just like me. Well, parents are always right people. Because sure enough Little Miss K is exactly like her mother. Leap before you think kind of a girl. After my own heart. <3

(had to get a shot of Aussie's skills!)

As you can imagine they love to play with "oussie" and "kona". Most the time walking around telling them what to do. But, also while outside throwing the ball, or chasing them around. Aussie is a perfect older brother. Letting them roll around on him or hold on to his back fur as he drags them around the house.  He more than loves the attention.

To say it lightly it's been an emotional couple of years. From a girl who never wanted to get married, not to mention have kids! To getting blessed with two amazing little girls. My heart is so full of love when I'm around them. 

I'll be starting school again tomorrow and being away from them during their bedtime stories is going to be another one of those silly hardest things of my life. It's a great thing to hear "Mommy, BOOOK!" as I get them ready to snuggle in bed. Or, "hug mommy, lub jew" just as they lay down to sleep. 

This last year especially has just been a busy whirl wind of crazy. I missed their birthday post..our vacation post..a post of potty training progress.  And in reality so much more. I suppose that should be my highest goal:

Time Management!

Wish me luck ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend

   I've said it before, I'm going to say it again. I LOVE the weekends! We get to have to much more fun now that the twins are almost 2.  They love exploring and constantly asking "Wha's dis"? Adorable and exciting all bundled into two packages! 
   Most of Saturday was spent at Yuba Lake.  Just an hour or so South of us. It was sunny with a chilly wind, but that didn't stop us from having so much fun. The girls spent most of their time playing with their cousin Tyson and running around with the dogs.  We took a walk down to the lake and of course they had to play in it. Obviously everyone got a bit wet. 
   The view was so amazing from the camp site. Overlooking the lake and the valley below.  Watching the kids play in the water and all around made me so excited for our camp outs and road trips this summer.  
                         PS. Yes, K is showing crack. :) Couldn't help but giggle she couldn't keep her pants on.
{Happy Monday!}

Monday, April 30, 2012

What they're up to

   This coming month will count the 2 year mark these two have been in our lives.  Can you believe it?  TWO years! I sure can't.  Pretty sure we have fallen more and more in love with these gremlins as the months go on.  
    Oakley is still a little bigger than her sister.  But not by much.  We are guessing they weigh about 25lbs now.  They both have most of their teeth in.  Those vampires are just finishing.  
They still sleep in cribs and have yet to try and climb out. We are in shock really at the fact they have yet to attempt to do so.  Naps are still a regular thing.  Generally every day from 1:30-4:30.  I don't know what I'll do when they refuse to do so.  It's my time to get things done I need.  

We thought they would never talk, but now it seems we can't get them to be quiet. ;)  
They copy and say almost everything we do.
If you never believed that twins had their own language. Come spend a few hours with these ones.  The use complete sentences, usually only to each other.  Most the time we can't make sense of it but most the time it's the best part of our days.  

Aussie Bear has become their best friend.  He lets them hold on to his fur and drags them around the house.  They often use him as a pillow or to sit by and read to him.  
Books are still their favorite thing to occupy their time.  They love to be read to, but are definitely OK with just sitting together and reading by themselves.  

Kenzington has shown us she is the adventurous one of the two.  She will jump off the couch first, climb as high as she can first, and try out new things first.  I imagine most mothers would be worried or nervous to have a kid so willing to take risks.  In all honesty it makes me so excited to get her going on bikes, motorcycles, snowboarding and more!  

Oakley isn't against being out there but she will sit back and watch to make sure "sissy" doesn't end up hurt. Even then she often just takes a leap of faith, ha!  She has shown us how motherly she is towards others.  Making sure to gives hugs and kisses if anyone is upset or crying.  Even just on the drive by she'll stop to give a hug and smile.  It's something that pulls on those little heart strings.  

             Call us crazy, but we started potty training about a month ago.  K was showing all the signs of being ready.  She would hide in the corner, get mad when her diaper was wet or messy or even just tell us she went potty.  We went for the Naked Butt potty training.  Keeping them naked from the waist down for a solid three days and consistently putting them on the potty.  They still run around in just undies or nothing at all if we are at home to keep it easy for them to run to and from the potties.  
One thing I do want to address is that ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN!  We have been told so many times even after having just one accident, that we should give up.  That doesn't make sense to me.  They love running around in their undies now that it's warmer.  They also love telling us and showing us they can use the potty themselves.  So why on earth would we put them back in diapers just because they couldn't run to the bathroom in time once and a while?  It's a work in progress, Dr's and books even say that depending on the kid it could happen over night or it could take years of training.  
To us it's about being positive.  Letting them know "Pee Pee goes in the potty", if they do make a mistake.  But positively reinforcing them when they are successful. We are down to 0-1 accidents a day and have yet to have any accidents while out on the town.  They do wear diapers or pull ups at night or nap time.  Even then their diapers have been getting drier and drier at night as the weeks go on.  

I can't even express how proud and happy they make me.  They have been through some amazing things in their short 2 years.  I can only imagine the ones they have ahead.  Every day they show us something new and simple things we should all sit back and enjoy!  
I'm lucky enough I get to spend most my day with them before heading off to class at night. It's hard to leave at dinner and not come home till they are fast asleep.  But in the long run it is what is best for our little family.  I am just so thankful that from 8am-5:30pm I get to share all the new things they are experiencing each day.  I get to hear those adorable voices as I go to wake them saying "mommy! Momma!".  That's something I don't think even words can describe.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

We are Alive

I promise!  :)  School is in full swing again and we are in the mist of potty training so you can imagine the craziness going around.   Going to have a full update post on the two gremlins in the near future hopefully!

{Happy Monday }

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Memories

I know living for the weekends is a bad way to do it.  But I love weekends like this last one. 
It was just such a beautiful weekend in general. The sun was always shining down on our faces, the smell of crisp spring was in the air as we chased the kids around the yard.  As much as being lazy and cuddling sounded nice, it was much more pleasant to sit outside watching the world.
 Friday the Twins and I spent all day with my mom.  We went shopping, keeping the grownups busy as we chased the gremlins around the store.  We had a super yummy lunch at Chili's, all of us getting full on the chips and dip before our food even arrived.
Spending the rest of the evening playing outside, watching movies, and relaxing.  

Saturday was a nice little break as the twins went off to play at their other grandma's all day with their cousin.  Playing in the sand box, sitting on the 4-wheeler and having a ball.  Giving me some nice quiet time at home.  It was just an added bonus that by the time they got home they had played so much they were exhausted.  Went right to sleep and even woke up later than usual.  

Sunday was a very spiritual, happy, and sad day all in one.  My mom has been working for the same doctor for....More than 16yrs?  He has been a huge part of our families lives just for how often he has been there for us.  From being there for my first surgery when I was in 6th grade, inviting us to Ethiopia in 2005 to blessing and being there for the twins when they were in the NICU.  Him and his wife are going on a mission to Brazil to provide medical care.  We are so excited for them!  I'm thinking Skype doctor calls?  Hehe.  

Despite needing to do homework in the back of my mind most the weekend, it was a very fun and loving weekend.  One that I wont forget too easily. :p  

I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!

 {Happy Monday!} 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inspiration Tuesday

"Build bridges not walls"  
Reach out and get to know someone you never thought you could or wanted to. It may be your best choice yet.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fridays favorite things

1. Elmo - yes Elmo!  Get to know him and love him.  He's the your inner child.
2. Dexter - He's the killer we all love.  
3. The dark side - Sorry, I mean Jedi are awesome.  But Storm Troopers and Darth....yeah the coolest.  
4. One place in the house you can call yours and love it!  I need that and hopefully this Spring will have what I want!
5. The West desert - Miles and miles of good dirtbike riding.  Tons of things to explore and wildlife to observe.  One of the most peaceful places I love to go.