Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long Haul

From the sounds of it we will be at the hospital another few weeks. They keep saying that they probably wont catch on to feedings for at least another 2.  Then at that point it's going to be more practice for them to be feeding from bottle or nursing on all their feedings.  They haven't directly told us, "You're here another month", but they do keep saying twins are naturally a couple weeks behind on development so even though they are 35 weeks they consider them to be 33 weeks.  Which in all honestly I am not understanding, especially when I've been reading and was told by my doctor they consider twins full term at 37 weeks....way confusing.  Or it's just 3am and I'm going to be confused by default!

Bottom line, it looks like we are in for the long haul.  I don't know how either of us are going to tough through it.  It already feels like it's been forever!  The girls have changed so much and are already up to 5lbs from their original 3lb 13oz.  Which is great!  I couldn't be happier that they are putting on weight and growing strong.  I just wish that it meant the end was in sight.  When in reality to us the end seems far away.  I really hope I'm wrong and we are closer than we think.  :p This is one I wouldn't mind admitting I'm incorrect.  That will be a first I guess, he he.

Oh well, I'm enjoying my time with them as little as it may be it's all fun, exciting and worth it.  I can tell it's a little early for them especially when they both do great for about 5 minutes then end of getting tired and scaring mom and dad to death by choking on the milk!  Little buggers! Non the less they are doing really good for their age and we couldn't be happier.  We were more than blessed due to the fact they weren't born earlier than their 32 week mark.

It's all about the prayers, hope and positive attitude!

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  1. The Westlund'sJune 9, 2010 at 11:19 PM

    Girly don't ever listen to the estimates the nurses or doctors give you. It will be the girls' choice when they go home. Also if you feel they are doing well and gaining weight you are able to sign a waiver of release to take them home against doctors wishes. I wish I knew that when the kept me the extra week just to monitor Emma's weight which I could have done by taking her to my own doctor every few days to have her weighed which I had to do twice a week for two weeks anyways once she came home. So keep your head up and keep getting on your knees everyday. They'll be home soon believe me! I'm so happy to hear they're doing so good.



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