Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The same

but different....

I have yet to ask the doctor if their was one placenta or not after delivery.  Even though we were told it's one, no one told me for sure after.  So this thursday I will be asking.  If there was one and it did not look fused, then we are still going to assume these little ones are identical.  Then if not...well I'm pretty sure we aren't going to all of a sudden put them up for adoption! 

Point is I was able to see how different, even if identical, twins can be.  They put both girls on 12 hour request. I'm sure I explained this but will again.  It means that they will have to do about 4 back to back feedings and meet a certain amount each feeding.  If they meet a good average within those feedings they can be pushed to 24 hour request.  24 hour, if the babies do well, is a huge step forward to going home.
Anyway, The last couple days Oakley had seemed to make a 180.  Eating a great amount at each nursing and crying within the time she felt hungry.  Yesterday was another story, it's as if she knew she was being put on the spot and decided to shut down a bit. It was almost like wake the dead a few times, haha.  I would take her out of her bed and hold her up right without  blanket, talking to her and tickling her.  LOL, yeah that wouldn't work!  She was a limp monkey.  She still got a couple good feedings but only from the bottle which had me a little worried.  The nurse mainly pushed the bottle the 2nd time in hopes of keeping her neck and neck with her sister.  Sometimes 24 hour request is easier than 12 and we are hoping that's the case for this girl.  We know she can do amazing I guess we just tuckered her out.

Kenzington, obviously, did a little better.  Each feeding she did increasingly better.  It really was bitter sweet to watch her do so well but want her to slow down so her sister wasn't left behind.  that is when I really needed to realize that they are different and one may progress in certain things much more than the other.   It's kind of hard to get your mind to think that way with twins, at least it was for us.  

We brought a blanket home from their crib to have the dogs smell.  Thinking they may want to get used to their smell for when they are around.  Well that didn't work amazing due to the dogs not giving 2 hoots about it, haha.  I guess we will just have to cross that bridge when they come home.  

So today may be just as hectic as yesterday if not more.  I guess we will just have to wait and see. :)

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