Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What happens on Wednesdays?

I'll tell you what happens! You go to class, realize the final controls if you're going to pass or fail, you go home and freak out.

Well--Ok, not really FREAK OUT, but you know? Freak out. I'm sure I'll survive, I just hate studying when there are much more fun things to do out there. Especially with this wonderful weather! Wow, it's gorgeous out there today.

So he's the low down on my plans for my hair-dids. I just cut it today again, and wow, bleached it. The plan is to have it this way for when we go to Hawaii in the fall. (Easier to handle) So I'll cut it and get the roots done ONE more time before the trip.
Then after the trip, it's long hair from then on! Oh-and did I mention BROWN! ZOME! I know, I know, It's crazy. =p

<3 Hetty

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terrible Tues.....days.

So- It's only Tuesday and I feel like I'm about to crack. I'm 100% ready for the weekend again, even if I have to study for finals this weekend. Oh man! Finals!!!! *Pulls out hair*

K, I know this is lame but I really, really want to see 17 Again! Ha ha, it looks entertaining. And I mean Chandler BING! ;) It's worth a shot. Can't be worse than some of these movies that have come out lately.

I'm thinking of going to work full time. It'll be nice to have the extra money, and if I get the right schedule I can keep full time through the next school full semester. Arg, I hate full time though, it's son mundane and annoying. If only we could all just work our dreams jobs yeah? Well, that's what those are.."DREAM" job. Like you'll most likely only have a good job in your dreams.

Anyway don't have much to say...just bored at home.

<3 Hetty

Friday, April 17, 2009


K- Yay it's Friday! But bad thing....I don't know where I left my phone! I got to work and it wasn't in my purse! =0 Now I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but it makes me so anxious to not know where something is. Especially my phone, that has a lot of info in it! *Pulls out hair*

Anyway, I'm not really excited for the weekend. I have a paper to write and a project to finish. Apparently when you go to school you don't have much free time anymore. Or I'm just horrible with time management, which is probably the case.

So, instead of hanging out and having fun I'll be doing school work. How totally awesome! Hopefully it doesn't get too nice and sunny out or it will make me feel worse!

Good times...

<3 Hetty

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Snow!

Wow! Blizzards in April! Who would have thought?

One thing I do suggest though on nights like that--Sledding!

As soon as I got of work we went and picked up our 13yr old cousin to spend the night and I, the genius that I am, thought it would be the coolest idea to go to WalMart (Hell!) and buy a cheapo sled!

We get the sleds, grab some grub and head up to Rock Canyon Park. Now if you've never heard of Rock Canyon Park you should! It's a huge park that has a kind of "bowl" in it. GREAT for sledding! By the time we get there it's already 2am BUT WHO CARES! We didn't. It was snowing, we had our dog our sleds and full bellies. We were ready to go.

Within minutes we were soked, my jeans would not stay on my body, the snow was so deep it was up to our dogs neck (Keep in mind he's an Australian Shephard). He had to LEAP through the snow just to move! The hill was perfect, on top of having a laugh every time that you went down the hill our dog would run and try to jump on with you!

Anyway, by 3am neither of us could feel our toes so we figured it would be the best time to head home now.

I'll have to tell you, that was the most fun I've had in a long time. I don't know why? It was just a blast.

So--the snow has melted away by mid day today, probably the last we'll see of it until next year.
I'll miss the snowboarding but I wont miss the cold.

I'm ready for the heat!

Well I ought to get back to work!

Later days!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weather, Finals, Work....yeah..


So--Annoying is the only word that comes to mind when I think of the last couple weeks.
The weather has been UP, down, UP, down--Warm, cold, warm, cold. And now it's snowing!

I have finals in the next to weeks and am not looking forward to them at all! In fact I have a huge hunch that I'm not going to pass one of my classes. No ones fault of course but my own. I'm a slacker to the fullest and am not afraid to admit it.

Work--Well what is there to say about work other than I am 95% sure that most people I work with and talk to at work would have not survived a week back in the 1500's. In fact I do not understand how they survived a week in this day and age! Some peoples children, for serious!

The one thing I'm looking forward to is summer vay kay! No more school, hot weather, everything will be awesome!

Oh and did I mention I really don't know what the hell I'm going to do when I "Grow up"...the past 2 years it's been Graphic Design, Graphic Design. But the more classes I get into that subject, the more I realize I'm probably not that talented to be a Designer. Maybe I should just go back into Marine Biology--You don't need to be just need to freaking study your butt off right? Which again, something I'm horrible at..

WTF am I going to do?

God only knows unfortunately..

<3 Hetty

Monday, April 6, 2009


Wow, Mondays!

All I have to say is Mondays really do make the rest of the week feel like it will be hell!
They are busy, they point out the obvious fact that you have 4 more days of work until god sets you free on the weekend.
Also I'd REALLY like it if people at my work would stop getting so butt hurt by the fact that I'm NOT happy to work here! Ha ha, It's not going to be my career, it's a means to an end. It's what I do till I get done with school.

Unfortunately this is their career for some.

Anyway, not only is work annoying but home is becoming brothersome-When we aren't there!
My adorable 1yr old Auzzie is chewing EVERYTHING in site when I leave for work! People are saying to crate him while I'm away, but it makes me feel bad he's in there all alone unable to move.

Maybe it's best though, he'll feel safe with his chew toys and I'm only gone for 4 hours. That's not so bad.
I will definitely have to give it a try and see how he handles it.

So-I saw Fast and Furious this weekend. (Not by choice I might add, I wanted to see "I love you, Man")
I will have to say it wasn't horrible. It was nice to see all the originals all back in the movie. Although my favorite actress (SPOILER) dies.
Vin Deisel does need to work on his "emotional" side though, he's horrible at acting sad.

Well yeah, that's all I have to say for now! I'm just bored at work and can't think straight.

Love much,

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I suppose it's Thursday now. Who knew!?

I had to watch my nephew again, this time it wasn't so pain staking since there was no more blood curdling screams coming from the little gremlins mouth. Seriously though he is adorable and I'm lucky to be his Auntie.

Ever have a day to your self and feel somewhat lost? That was kind of like my day today.
I was basically alone, despite the sleeping baby, and I felt lost. It was a strange feeling.

It didn't really feel like I was in the right place at the right time or something? Yeah- I really don't know either.

Anyway, I'll probably miss class again tomorrow and end up playing my addiction till work!

Much love!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day!

Well Hello,

So It's April Fools day, and in a way you could say I'm fooled!
I've fooled myself into thinking that my life was wonderful perfect! Who doesn't try to make their life look better than it is? ( Don't answer that because a lot of people probably don't! =D )

Anyway, I'm hoping to finally start over with how I feel. I'm lacking one thing though, the support from my loved one. He doesn't seem to be has driven as me, which makes me feel weighted down. BUT that's not an excuse! Right?

It's time for us all to become more self aware! If you feel lazy..You probably are! If you feel FAT you probably are! If you feel like there is much more to do with your life...There probably is!
And it's time that we all take control and make those much needed changes. America is lazy, and I don't know about you, but that doesn't make me happy!

SO! Today on the day of April Fools, lets fool the people in our lives who think we'll never change! AND CHANGE!!!!

=) So much love!