Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A micro update

Just a little bit of an update on the little ones.

They are doing really great!  Both are slowly gaining weight (roughly 5lbs each) which is allowing for their food intake to increase.  Oakley has been off caffeine for 2 weeks now and Kenzington was just taken off her dosage 2 days ago.  They say after 7 days of being off it and they don't have any issues then they will not be put back on, ever.

They each are able to nurse on average 10-15ml a sitting which is great!  On good days they'll get up to 25ml.  Their little cheeks get chubbier and chubbier I swear!  Reflux seems to still be a small problem but has gotten better in the past week, still NOT on medications for it.

It was so cute to walk into the nursery this morning and see that the night nurse put cute little outfits on them and had both their hair done into little fo-hawks with bows!  It made me think to myself that these are definitely our babes.  <3

The doctors are still saying they probably wont be home till around their due date.  I'm trying to be optimistic and say that they are little fighters and will be home sooner.  If not that's ok because then that's where they need to be.

A family friend is coming to give them a blessing tonight.  I simply felt that it would be good for them and it couldn't hurt.  =p Also will put my mind at ease I think.  I miss em bunches when I'm not there but am thankful that they are being so well cared for!

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