Saturday, April 6, 2013

[CHEAP] Organic Facial Scrub

OK ladies! (Hello again.) Since I have been in bed for nearly 3 days straight now Pinterest has been my best friend and for once I found something I sincerely had to share since it's something I've always had a struggle with. 

 This little concoction helps even skin tone, rid of blemishes, reduce sun spotting, clear face of self tanner, rid face of oily dead cells, leaving your face with a natural shine and glow!  It's like an expensive facial peel without the expense! 

How is it cheap!? Well all you need are these items:

Organic Sugar or Brown Sugar-

Lemons (or lemon juice in a bottle)-

Cotton Balls or Cotton Rounds-

I found all this easily already on hand at home and got right to work.

1. Wet face with warm water to open up pores.
2. Wet cotton round with lemon juice.
3. Sprinkle brown sugar on top of wet cotton round
(If you have excess sugar on your fingers just wipe off on face. :)
4. Thoroughly start rubbing on face like at a car wash. Being sure to pay close attention to the problem areas, such as around the nose, above the eye brows, upper lip, and hairline.
5. Once you've done a good job of scrubbing away the nasty! Rinse! 

You can do this once a week, every day, twice a week, whatever you feel your skin can handle. I personally have very sensitive skin, scar easy, and redden easily but have found that even after one try my skin felt super soft, refreshed and little to NO irritation! I even noticed the tone of my face to be smoother and less blotchy. 

Coming from someone who has struggled with facial, well, everything! I'm so happy I found this easy to do organic method that has made my miserable week into something a little more bright! 

Give it a shot and leave me a comment on how yours felt/turned out! :)

{Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!}