Sunday, July 8, 2012

They grow up...

Most will's way too fast.  
I was going through pictures the other day of when they were new born's to 6 months. 
They were so cute, little, and pudgy! You just wanted to squeeze the guts out of the chub rolls, they were so adorable. (Yes, I'm biased)  

Now..  They are two 2 year old's ready to take on the world. Can you believe that? 8 week early preemies who now look and act like perfect, healthy, little angels. Not to mention I am proud to say that they are a good 90% potty trained at the age of 2! (the other 10% percent being the obstacle of the frightening public restrooms they refuse to enter) As long as we are only out and about an hour and a half or at some one else's home. We're golden!!  Boy is it nice to have no diapers in the house! 

People ask daily if it's hard to tell them apart. To be honest most the time yes.  That's because I know their personalities, how they hold themselves up, etc. But, I wont lie..there are plenty of times that I mistake one for the other, and to be honest as they have grown up, thinned out, and so on, it gets slightly harder to say right away: "oh yea, that's O." 

It's perfectly obvious how much they absolutely adore one another. I never thought I would get to experience such a close sisterly bond. Obviously they know no better, but it's still so beautiful to watch them learn with one another. To also teach each other new things, if one figures it out before the other. All children are miracles in my eyes but watching multiples grow up so close is a whole new experience that I wish everyone could enjoy.  

They take turns with each other, they give one another hugs if the other is hurt in any way. 

O will especially make sure "sissy" has a bear or stuffy before herself. She's such the mothering type it's amazes me.  How soft her heart is and how greatly she likes to take care of others just makes you melt.  She is also our dramatic of the two. Small things are made into large climactic events. The terrible two's should be spelled with her name in it! Fits are her cup of tea as her sister sits back with a look of "woman...chillllll!"  

K on the other hand is quiet, daring, loving, but most of all my ball of energy. Ironically enough mostly when she is tired. It's as though a switch is flipped and she will start asking you questions you could have never thought anyone would be interested in.  Her smiles lights up your life whenever she is proud or excited about something new. My parents always told me I had it coming. I would get a daughter who was just like me. Well, parents are always right people. Because sure enough Little Miss K is exactly like her mother. Leap before you think kind of a girl. After my own heart. <3

(had to get a shot of Aussie's skills!)

As you can imagine they love to play with "oussie" and "kona". Most the time walking around telling them what to do. But, also while outside throwing the ball, or chasing them around. Aussie is a perfect older brother. Letting them roll around on him or hold on to his back fur as he drags them around the house.  He more than loves the attention.

To say it lightly it's been an emotional couple of years. From a girl who never wanted to get married, not to mention have kids! To getting blessed with two amazing little girls. My heart is so full of love when I'm around them. 

I'll be starting school again tomorrow and being away from them during their bedtime stories is going to be another one of those silly hardest things of my life. It's a great thing to hear "Mommy, BOOOK!" as I get them ready to snuggle in bed. Or, "hug mommy, lub jew" just as they lay down to sleep. 

This last year especially has just been a busy whirl wind of crazy. I missed their birthday post..our vacation post..a post of potty training progress.  And in reality so much more. I suppose that should be my highest goal:

Time Management!

Wish me luck ;)