Saturday, June 19, 2010

One month old!

Happy one month birthday to my little rock stars!  It seems just like yesterday we were told that we were going to see your beautiful faces for the first time.  I still remember hearing your tiny cries for the first time and feeling the tears begin to pool in my eyes. We cannot wait to watch you grow and mature into two amazing people!


A bit of an update:

Both girls are growing strong.  The doctor has let us know that they are growing so well it's almost too fast!   Each weighing roughly 5lbs 13oz.  Ha ha, so they will be cutting back on the amount in their tube feedings which should help further with their reflux as well as hopefully help them focus more on hunger cues and their oral feedings.  The prevacid has helped as well with the reflux, they are notices less arching of the back as well as less drop in their blood saturations.  We aren't to the point of more on demand feedings, which will be our next step, but we are that much closer.  

We found out that the mark on Oakley's forehead is called a stork bite and it's due to her being shoved in my pelvis for the last 4 months of their stay in their own personal hot tub.  It's the best way for us to tell them apart so far.  

Both are crying a lot more which is getting us ready for when they will be home! Oh boy are we in for it! All the nurses say they are the feistiest of the bunch.  =) Makes me a little proud to be honest.

Here are some pics of them in their first sun dresses after a bath that are obviously drowning on them!

Oakley Elizabeth

Kenzington Lee

Yeah they are pulling funny faces but I love em anyway!

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