Friday, June 25, 2010

Wake up

Suddenly my dream turns to shambles as people start holding their ears and squinting in pain at the loudest sound anyone has ever heard.   I look around to find the culprit realizing that I would have no control in this dream world to stop the gut wrenching noise. 

I slowly wake...searching the night stand beside me, "click".  I shut off my alarm just before I wake the husband quietly snoring next to me.  Listening I can hear the grunts and yawns from our 2 yr old (dog), Auzzie. My 5:30am wake up call I feel is my favorite time of the day (when I'm not with my girls of course).  The house is quiet as the sun slowly rises, with only the sounds of the ceiling fans and breaths of my sleeping family.   My puppies get up with me as they follow me around the house as though they haven't seen me in years when it's actually just been hours.

I can't help but smile at how calm everything is around me, I take it in.  These calm mornings will soon be changed to a more hectic routine.  I'm ready for it but I cannot help but take the time to enjoy these quite moments at home.
I am so thankful for everything that has been given to me and the people in my life.  I pray that our family will keep progressing so strongly.
Family love is what makes everything seem so perfect. 

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