Monday, June 14, 2010


What's sleep!?  I've never heard of the word.  =p

I don't think I'll know what sleep is for a loooonnngg time!  It's what we live for right?

The past little while has been great.  Our little ones are slowly being taken down on their air flow through the cannulas.  They just bumped them down to 1/2 liter yesterday and seemed to be doing good, of course until we got there and both of them decided to have brady episodes at the SAME time!  Someone should have warned me about those I swear.  While I was pregnant I read up as much as I could about twins, preemies, babies in general and I do not remember every reading about things like that happening.  It's probably one of the biggest nerve racking things we see with them now.

Kenzington seems to be the only one I see cry and throw fits which in turn makes me think there is something wrong with her and not with Oakley.  =P  Now I sit there and watch her closely to make sure she's doing ok.  Everyone just says, "She's a baby.  Babies cry"!   Well, then she needs to see that Oakley doesn't like to scream in our faces! hehe, YET!

Being there for two feedings a day is great.  I get to see them more, but the lack of sleep and being away from your home pretty much all day every day is really wearing and by Saturday I'm ready to sleep for 24hrs straight.

Everything has pretty much been put on hold for now.  We have a family wedding coming up as well as a family reunion, oh and a baby shower!  =( I wont be able to make it to any which has bummed me out a bit.  I don't know what I'd do if I went a day without seeing them though......Go nuts maybe?  Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, Austin and I have pretty much been on autopilot that last couple weeks so I haven't had much to update.  I did get the cutest picture of him holding both the babies that I will have to put up ASAP.

So exciting I know!  Think of it this way, it's a dull before the storm....then once you pop you just can't stop..or something like that.


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