Friday, September 20, 2013

5 Favorite Things Friday

(via longhair)

1. Scrunchy Sweaters and Beanies - I'm starting to really dislike the cold, no matter how much I love snowboarding. The one thing I look forward to is wearing anything comfy. 

2. Backpacking/hiking. It was a tradition in my family while growing up for a yearly backpack. I miss it. Being away from anything human and experiencing the silence of nature. 

3. That's it! I'm addicted to a morning cup-o-joe! Generally just one is plenty for my day but a morning without is like dragging around dead weight all day! 

4. Jennifer Lawrence - Mainly her interviews with people. If you haven't seen any, I strongly suggest you YouTube some NOW! She is funny and straight forward. 

5. 1956 Dodge Power Wagon - We recently bought a new car and it got me looking at old trucks and cars. I miss going to car shows and seeing what people have done to these.

Happy Friday Everyone! Keep safe this weekend! :D

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