Monday, April 30, 2012

What they're up to

   This coming month will count the 2 year mark these two have been in our lives.  Can you believe it?  TWO years! I sure can't.  Pretty sure we have fallen more and more in love with these gremlins as the months go on.  
    Oakley is still a little bigger than her sister.  But not by much.  We are guessing they weigh about 25lbs now.  They both have most of their teeth in.  Those vampires are just finishing.  
They still sleep in cribs and have yet to try and climb out. We are in shock really at the fact they have yet to attempt to do so.  Naps are still a regular thing.  Generally every day from 1:30-4:30.  I don't know what I'll do when they refuse to do so.  It's my time to get things done I need.  

We thought they would never talk, but now it seems we can't get them to be quiet. ;)  
They copy and say almost everything we do.
If you never believed that twins had their own language. Come spend a few hours with these ones.  The use complete sentences, usually only to each other.  Most the time we can't make sense of it but most the time it's the best part of our days.  

Aussie Bear has become their best friend.  He lets them hold on to his fur and drags them around the house.  They often use him as a pillow or to sit by and read to him.  
Books are still their favorite thing to occupy their time.  They love to be read to, but are definitely OK with just sitting together and reading by themselves.  

Kenzington has shown us she is the adventurous one of the two.  She will jump off the couch first, climb as high as she can first, and try out new things first.  I imagine most mothers would be worried or nervous to have a kid so willing to take risks.  In all honesty it makes me so excited to get her going on bikes, motorcycles, snowboarding and more!  

Oakley isn't against being out there but she will sit back and watch to make sure "sissy" doesn't end up hurt. Even then she often just takes a leap of faith, ha!  She has shown us how motherly she is towards others.  Making sure to gives hugs and kisses if anyone is upset or crying.  Even just on the drive by she'll stop to give a hug and smile.  It's something that pulls on those little heart strings.  

             Call us crazy, but we started potty training about a month ago.  K was showing all the signs of being ready.  She would hide in the corner, get mad when her diaper was wet or messy or even just tell us she went potty.  We went for the Naked Butt potty training.  Keeping them naked from the waist down for a solid three days and consistently putting them on the potty.  They still run around in just undies or nothing at all if we are at home to keep it easy for them to run to and from the potties.  
One thing I do want to address is that ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN!  We have been told so many times even after having just one accident, that we should give up.  That doesn't make sense to me.  They love running around in their undies now that it's warmer.  They also love telling us and showing us they can use the potty themselves.  So why on earth would we put them back in diapers just because they couldn't run to the bathroom in time once and a while?  It's a work in progress, Dr's and books even say that depending on the kid it could happen over night or it could take years of training.  
To us it's about being positive.  Letting them know "Pee Pee goes in the potty", if they do make a mistake.  But positively reinforcing them when they are successful. We are down to 0-1 accidents a day and have yet to have any accidents while out on the town.  They do wear diapers or pull ups at night or nap time.  Even then their diapers have been getting drier and drier at night as the weeks go on.  

I can't even express how proud and happy they make me.  They have been through some amazing things in their short 2 years.  I can only imagine the ones they have ahead.  Every day they show us something new and simple things we should all sit back and enjoy!  
I'm lucky enough I get to spend most my day with them before heading off to class at night. It's hard to leave at dinner and not come home till they are fast asleep.  But in the long run it is what is best for our little family.  I am just so thankful that from 8am-5:30pm I get to share all the new things they are experiencing each day.  I get to hear those adorable voices as I go to wake them saying "mommy! Momma!".  That's something I don't think even words can describe.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

We are Alive

I promise!  :)  School is in full swing again and we are in the mist of potty training so you can imagine the craziness going around.   Going to have a full update post on the two gremlins in the near future hopefully!

{Happy Monday }