Thursday, July 11, 2013

Camping and 30 days of habit..

We took the girls camping when they couldn't walk, once, and once when they were just learning. It was probably more frustrating and draining than I had expected. Last year was a Lake Powell trip that while the houseboat moved my nerves were being shredded! So having them be able to walk, listen, and pay attention to certain things was much more exciting! This year we've already gone camping several times and without hesitation they got down and dirty.

The dude's parents took a camper up to Skyline for a few weeks and were kind enough to let us tag along with our motorcycles and kids in tow. The gremlins at first were a little frightened and uncertain of all bugs around the camp ground but eventually learned to ignore it all.

We actually had to go buy jeans for the first time that were slightly too big and allowed for lbs of dirt to leak down their little butt cracks. By the end of every evening they were filthy and generally super tired! I never understood how kids had so much energy! I must have been a little energizer bunny when i was a kid. They spent their days in the dirt, playing with their cousin, riding 4 wheelers, riding their strider bikes up and down a little hill and a little motorcycle ride. 

Surprisingly they didn't enjoy roasted marshmallows at all, they much rather just the regular mallow itself.  But they did love the fire and we had to very often remind them not to run around it. It was so much fun watching the explore and see what things did, testing the waters of nature. I'll be the first to tell you they are professional little squatters. ;)  We are really hoping to get a few more camping trips in this year to a couple new places. 

 As for 30 days of takes 30 days to start a good habit and only a few days to break one. Today marks that day that I'm throwing myself to the lions and fighting away a huge temptation of mine. Sugar. I've dont it before, around probably the worst time of year, Christmas. This year I'm starting earlier and hoping it sticks. Anyway, here are the few things I'll/we will be changing/starting today:

  • No sugar unless natural- as in fruits and other raw foods.
  • Keeping a journal - Either blogging for that day or writing in my personal journal. I miss blogging and I want to be able to look back on some details I may not remember one day.
  • Telling someone every day something you like or appreciate about them - I have so many people around me that deserve to be told how amazing they are!
  • Taking a walk - we may work out occasionally but I think family walks in the evening would be a great way to relieve some stress, talk, and enjoy the world around us as a family.
  • Cold showers - I know! It sounds crazy, because trust me, I am the first to turn the heat up to scorching and burn while I shower. But after some research on the matter I want to see the effect it will have. All the benefits of cold showers I feel are things I'm slightly lacking needing in my life. If you'd like to see just a handful of these check it out here
  • Natural Sleeping pattern - another subject you can find lots of research on. As you know your sleep goes in patterns of deep sleep to..well not deep. Setting a time to sleep and a time to wake ie. 11pm to bed and 7am to wake. Causes you to get too much sleep and is often restless without you even realizing. Research shows that following a sleep only when you're absolutely tired but waking up at a set time causes your body to enter a sleep cycle necessary to keeping your body rested.  
For example, I need to wake up roughly around 7:30am. So the night before I will go to sleep when my mind no longer is able to keep me functioning, eyes wont stay open, good way to test is read a couple pages from a book. For the first night I may end up being up till 1am but I will without a doubt wake at 7:30am. Making sure not to lay there and to, after a couple good stretches, sit up in bed. This may cause me to drag the first couple days as I feel super tired. But in turn that means by the evening I'll be tired enough to go to sleep earlier. Bottom line if you're laying in bed and you cannot fall asleep within 20 minutes, your body is not ready for sleep. Get up, go read, or do something small till you feel tired and certain you can pass out within a short period. Eventually after a few days your body will start a natural sleep patter that will properly assess when and how many hours your need to sleep. Generally keeping your bed time within a 2 hour window and keeping your mind and body at rest the entire night. 

So in ending, I feel like these are all things that can make a positive change in my life. Especially the sleeping since I haven't slept will since the twins were 6 months old. I plan to try and track the differences I feel and see. Possibly do a few blog updates.  As for today, I haven't had a bite of sugar, I took a cold shower that actually felt amazing and woke me up real well after falling asleep a little later than normal but waking at 7:30. So far so good! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So far this year...

Life is constantly getting more and more crazy as the twins grow older. They are trying new things and testing not only their limits but ours. This last May they turned 3 and show their age by throwing fits but making big steps in things like riding their bikes and swimming without our help. We find them clothe-less more often than not. Which I don't really mind and want them to enjoy being toddlers [still babies to me]. 

O weighs about 32 lbs while K is as usual one pound behind. They both know their letters very well and shapes are easy peasy. 
The strider bikes we got them for their 2nd birthday are getting great use as they now can ride down our little hill without putting their feet down! I took them on their first motorcycle ride on their little Suzuki 80. They were nervous of the noise at first but then asked for more. [girls after their mothers heart]  Of course as usual they are little fish and love to swim. We purchased them those life jackets that go around the arms and then the chest. They love them and just recently took the step to letting go of mom and dad to swim on their own like "doggies" as they say. 

They tend to get bumps and bruises much more often than their mother would like but I cant help but see a little bit of me in them. Especially little K who just seems to be a spittin' image of me...scary in some ways I suppose! Lets me know what I have coming. :) 

Their grandpa moved away to LA for 6 months and it was always a treat when he came home and they got to play with him. Easter was especially fun as they ran around asking where the Easter bunny left them eggs. 

They are the light of our lives and even though there have been struggles and bumps along the way, waking up to them smiling every day is a blessing. We have  had some rough spots that I wont bore you with today, and I know it has effected them with the stress levels. Luckily things are always overcome with a little faith and love. It also helps to have such loving family so near and close to our hearts. 
Once they slightly understood what prayer was we have started having them say it regularly before bed. They love it and even though they may not fully understand I think it's a great thing to have them recognize the thanks with should give. 

Our little family tugs at my heart in all the good ways. Watching us grow, watching them grow, and wondering what the future will bring. We try to live it to its fullest. Get out as much as we can, explore where we can when we can. I want them to grow up with the childhood I had. My younger years are some of the fondest memories of my life. So many amazing things I was able to discover. I have my parents to thank for that. I truly hope that we are able to bring those same opportunities to them throughout their lives. Only thing they have to worry about is that I'm no girly they may have to look to their grandmas for those "make-up" tips. ;)