Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Uncomfortable much?

The calm before the storm. =p  All swollen and everything.  If you can see the monitor this was when the contractions started to get 3-5 minutes apart on Monday when I was admitted.  Tried to eat some food, yeah that didn't work out well about an hour later when it came back up! hehe.

It's 5am Wednesday and I can't sleep.  Thought I would be able to sleep the night but it's been hard.  For some reason just very uncomfortable.  Have had a few painful contractions but nothing too bad.  Girls are a sleep so that's good for them, hehe.  The nurses are going to be giving me something to help me sleep better tonight.  They say I'm way to easy to take care of and need to ask for help!  My night nurse told me I need to go and teach people not to use the call button just to pick up the box of tissue I'm so easy.   Makes me laugh I guess.......ooooap here comes a contaction, short one. =)  Anyway, I'd rather get out of bed and get most things myself if needed.  Walking is a luxury!  lol Takes being stuck in bed for a couple days to realize that.

Things are looking better though, from my view, so I'm hoping from the docs view as well.  We'll see how today goes and what they have to say.

By the way--Recess is the best cartoon ever! lol Well, at least on disney channel. ;)

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