Monday, May 31, 2010

Bath Time!

Sundays are always relaxing.  It's almost like it's wired into your brain that you need to sleep in on Sundays and nap when ever you get  a chance.  =)  Oakley and Kenzington even have it wired into their head to be super calm on Sundays! hehe.

We spent the first part of the day at my Parents having a nice little BBQ with burgers, hot dogs, and some of my moms home made potato salad!  Couldn't go wrong there!  It was, lets just say, NOM NOM NOM!

After we had stuffed our faces and vegged for a couple hours on the couch we headed up to the hospital to see the girls.  It was about 7 o'clock which is one of their feeding times.  I was expecting to be able to do some Kangaroo care with them again today but I got something cooler!  We got to give them a bath!  Well, closest thing to a bath they could get right now with all the wires and such, so more like a sponge bath but still.

I was a little worried we'd up set them and get a couple screaming babies on the floor to be honest.  They can already hit those high notes and I didn't want to hear any of that right now.

We had to wait till their feedings were done and they had some time to digest so we relaxed by their bed sides for about an hour, listening to Kenzington make some cooing noises while she slept.  She was dreaming about something, I don't know what?!  The day they took her out of me maybe?  But it was cute to be able to hear her make noises since she didn't have that noisy c-pap covering up everything.

Then came time for BATH TIME! =D  We did Kenzington first since she ate the fastest and it was mostly going to be me cleaning her up.

It was nerve racking to say the least.  Picking her up and moving her around into positions I'm sure she didn't appreciate.  She was great though never crying and in fact she woke up pretty quickly after we started and she tried her hardest to focus on what was happen, then she tried her hardest to go back to sleep, hehe.  Near the end she fussed a bit but we stuck that pacifier in her mouth and she soon was out like a light.

Next was Oakley.  She wasn't going to get her hair washed since she still had the c-pap on but she was getting everything else.  Austin took over mostly for this one.  He seemed almost more nervous than me it was cute seeing his concerned father come out wanting to make sure he did everything right, even though he just saw me do everything. :)

Oakley fought her hardest to stay asleep the whole time, still not crying.  She finally gave up near the end and was  wide eyed looking us over with a little puckered bottom lip. Ha ha, couldn't help but laugh a little even though you could tell she was a bit upset at us.

It was great being able to handle them so much and care for them like that.  I would have to say the best part for me was when we would have to clean their bottoms and they would stick those little chicken legs out  into the air as if to say, "What the heck are you doing to me!"  Their little feet and legs have always been so cute to me so I laughed a lot when they did that.

Both were sound asleep shortly after and it was soon to be 10 a'clock before long and we needed to head home.  There were no major changes to the girls settings or anything so from what we were told it was a smooth sailing day and we know the night would be the same.

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