Monday, May 31, 2010

I love good news!

Just got a call from the doctor this morning.  She even seemed super excited to tell me!  Which made it that much more fun to listen to, hehe.

Oakley is now off her c-pap as well!  Both of them are doing great on their respiratory while just on the nasal cannula.  They both will be coming off of their PICC lines tomorrow,  which means in the next few days we can possibly start to work on a little breastfeeding.  If they keep doing as well as they are now with their breathing they will be taken off their caffeine and start taking other supplements like iron and things.  A few less wires and tubes is always a plus!  They both are gaining weight daily which in turn they  get fed larger amounts based on their weight.

As the Dr said we are on to the next stage!  I cannot wait to see them tonight take some pictures without those silly masks on their faces.  =D


  1. That is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING news!! Congrats!!

  2. That is such great news :)

    I can't wait to see those pics


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