Saturday, May 29, 2010

Calm Weekends

It seems like the weekends are so calm compared to the weekdays.  It's almost unsettling expect for the fact that everything that happens during the weekends is usually good things! :)

We slept in a bit today which was nice getting some solid sleep hours for myself.  My parents were great enough to take us out to breakfast at the totally awesome IHOP! :p  It was great just sitting there and chatting.

After which we strolled over to the hospital with the parents so they could see their grand  babies.  We made sure we made it a little before 1pm so we could be there for the girls feedings and do some Kangaroo Care with them while they ate.

It was so great to see that they had taken Kenzington off her C-PAP and she is now on a nasal cannula.  We were a little worried they wouldn't try her off the C-pap due to how fast she was breathing last night but the nurse said she seems to like the nasal much more cause she has been calm all morning.  Austin held her today and she even stayed calm and steady while we moved her which was an even better sign.  So we are hoping that it stays that way and she doesn't have to be put back on that face squisher again!  If she does it's OK but of course we rather not.

Austin was told not to shave his chest which seemed to amuse Kenzlee, from what he said she liked eating it!  Yum....I'll have to have a talk with that silly girl. Hehe.

Oakley is still on the C-PAP though but they did take her down a lvl and again the nurse said she has been very stable and calm all morning as well. :)  She said it's been getting around that these two are feisty little ones so she was surprised to see them so calm today.

Before I held Oakely I changed her diaper, oh boy did that stink! :) Since they upped their feedings she's been fillin' her diaper pretty good. Nice and messy, haha.  Austin had to do the same with Kenzington apparently hers went up her belly, lucky him.

Once she was all clean I got to hold her, she fussed a tad bit before she was put to my chest but once there she calmed and took her binki almost instantly.  I tried to move it out of her mouth a few times when it seemed like she didn't want it anymore and she kept a good grip on it making the cutest little sucking noises.

 Hopefully after a few days of Oakley being at lvl 6 on the C-pap she will be able to take that step onto the nasal again.  From what we have seen and hear their feedings are going smoothly, they haven't rejected any milk lately. In fact Oakley now weighs almost 4lbs and Kenzington is just a little ahead of her sister.  :) 

So not a whole lot to report this weekend so far but I definitely think that's a good thing.  Just keeping a positive outlook on things and hoping for some more great steps forward in the coming weeks.


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