Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another day another challenge!

It's stressful when you sit and watch things that are completely out of your control.  Not only out of your control but may cause a future issue with your little miracle.

I've been trying very hard to just take everything one day at a time.  Things are going to come up slowly but they will be taken care of.  I suppose it's just very hard to prepare yourself for such small hurdles that seem so huge.

Today we found out that the babies have PDA: Patent Ductus Arteriousus.
Simply put an arterial canal that normally closes a few days after birth has not closed.  This canal when closed allows normal blood flow to the lungs.  When this does not close it can cause liquid build up where it is not needed.  (More info here:

This is something that is common in premi babies and is treatable.  The doctor of course says it's normal enough that worse case they have to close with surgery.  They will be getting 3 treatments of a drug then getting another U/S to check and see if it has closed.  They said it could take one treatment it could take 6.  If after time it doesn't progress it means surgery.  We know that these little ones are strong though and wont need the surgery.  It's just having such "normal" things pop up that seem so huge and frightening.

We could have never prepared for any of this, it's just good to know we have so much support from friends and loved ones to help us get past these little bumps in the road.

On a positive note we had a few visitors today- a friend of ours who is a life saver and brought me some snackies and things that will definitely help me get through the rest of my stay here!  Thank you Lisa!  You are too awesome!  <3

And the little ones finally got to meet their wonderful auntie Hilary!  Who as well brought a wonderful comfort for me-a robe! Now I can walk around and feel more covered rather than like a slob and exposed hehe.  Thanks Hil! Also something we can make molds of their tootsies or hands with when they are better.  I hope to get a copy of their footprints soon cause I tell you what they have HUGE feet! lol No idea where they got that.

We also got some cute little bunny rabbits from my family in Washington!  They are too cute and we hope to put those in with them at some point in their stay if possible.

Oakley was a lot more active today and even opened her little eyes to look at mom and dad while we were up to see them.  =) She seemed very interested in her silly father as she made a pirate face at him.  ;p

Kenzington was as active as last night.  Stretching her little leg anytime you touched her foot.  She has always been good at looking like she's up to something like the wheels are turning in that little brain of hers.

The nurse watching over them today put new pink bows in their hair which made me smile!  It definitely makes the scary tubes and bandages a little less intimidating.

From the sounds of it they may be discharging me here in the next day or so.  I should be relieved after 7 days in a hospital bed but I can't help but be scared how I'm going to handle not being just down the hall from my little ones.

Like I said I guess--one day at a time.


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