Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I really never have the most exciting things to say these days. Being stuck at home and unable to go on the normal adventures we used to. So that leaves this blog pretty bland and I apologize. =p

The last 2 weeks have been a roller coaster of busy and absolutely nothing to do. It just seems harder and harder every day to find something productive to do. It was nice to get out of the house this last weekend and head down to Yuba Lake for the day. Even if it was pretty dang cold and we spent a good portion of the time in the trailer. I still enjoyed it. Sadly I chose not to take the trip to Las Vegas with my family. The risk just seemed to high for something bad to happen on the drives. Things would be a lot easier if the weather would stop being so bi-polar. It would give me the opportunity to get out and walk the dogs or just play with them in the back yard. I can honestly say I'm going nuts not being able to longboard or ride my motorcycles or even go mountain biking or hiking! Those will have to wait till next spring I suppose.

In the end I know it will all be worth it and I seriously cannot wait for that time to come when I get to see the little buggers me and Austin created. We already plan on taking them swimming early on and taking a much needed trip to Las Vegas to see their uncle within the first 4 months.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning to measure my belly and hear their little heart beats. Being able to hear those "woosh woosh woosh" noises is always reassuring, even though I can feel them poking and prodding on a hourly basis. We don't have another U/S till the 17 since they finally decided to spread them to every 4 weeks. That is making things drag on too it seems. I always looked forward to seeing them.

Only concern, which may not even be worth worrying over, is that when I lie down or sleep my fingers go numb within a few minutes. It's probably normal and nothing to worry about like every annoying, disgusting, painful thing that happens during pregnancy. =D

I've been looking at what classes I can take in the coming semester but am going to need to work a few things out. I need to call my advisor and get set up on the right course towards my BFA in Graphic Design. The plan is to focus on just one class this fall and then jump to a full load next. Which means either daycare for the little ones or gracious Grandparents ;). We'll see how it all works out though.

So- I will update tomorrow after my appointment and let everyone know how it's going! 30 Weeks baby!! Woot!

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