Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hospital Day #2

So here we are hospital day #2!  Last night went smooth after some good meds and I was able to get some sleep on and off every hour.  Going from strong painful contractions every 2-3 minutes to one every hour or even 10 minutes with minimal discomfort was VERY nice!  

The meds seem to still be helping I am having contractions very few and far between.  The steroids seem to be working some magic as well since the girls have been getting hiccups tons! Which they never did before.  So we'll be at that 48 hour mark with those steroids tomorrow morning.

My 24 hour monitoring for tests has come back slightly above average but not horrible so they are still just planning on monitoring my blood pressure and doing a blood test daily, probably for another couple days.  It's pretty much up in the air and depends on a lot of factors.

I've been on strict bed rest basically, I'm not even aloud to be wheeled around in a chair.  They did however let me shower so that was nice to get clean and I am allowed to wear some clothing so that was nice to slip into something other than this gown.

Both doctors saw me this morning to assure my time frame of stay and told me to just relax and let them take care of me for now.  The hubs and I are hoping I get sent home on bed rest soon and we don't need to worry about this too  much longer.  We will see though.  What is ever best for the babies in my opinion.  Who by the way are perfectly fine, still, like I said they get the hiccups which is really cute to listen to through the monitors.

I appeared to have gained probably 20lbs in water weight though! More in fact!  My whole body is pretty much swollen which is a sight to see.  It makes walking interesting on my bathroom breaks.  :p I haven't seen that go down, just get worse.  So I think that is a good factor in them keeping me here longer since that is a large sign of Pre-E.

The nurses have been amazing, absolutely no complaints as of yet from me.  In fact I'm being told I don't complain enough! lol   I guess I just don't like being such a burden.  *shrug*

My mom stopped by to keep me company for a bit while Austin was working.  It was very nice to have someone in the room, although I felt horrible cause I kept dosing off.  Even though she kept saying I needed to sleep I just couldn't help but want to stay up and keep her company.

Everyone has given me great advice and been so supportive I love it!  It's really helped a lot.  Specially through that first day of being here.  It was really rough and so sudden it just kind of made things harder. I'm just happy to say things are looking brighter today and hopefully even better tomorrow.

I will keep updates when I get them of what's going on.  Due to orders by my hubs and family, apparently I need to keep a good record of what happens here, even if it's just me sitting in a bed looking at the TV! ;)

Thanks again to everyone!  Austin's parents for watching our doggies and mine for keeping me company when they can.  I love you all!

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