Tuesday, May 18, 2010

32 Weeks and in the hospital

Well-we are now at the 32 week marker today.  It's a milestone!  Of course with a milestone something has to come up, right?

Friday night I was lucky enough to start having what I thought to be normal Braxton Hicks happening maybe every other hour nothing painful just fun. :)

We had our appointments with the OB and the specialist set up for today so I of course thought nothing of it and figured I'd bring it up during that time.  Just so happens my body had other plans.  Starting around 2 this morning the contractions became some what painful.  Mostly back pain keeping me from going back to sleep.  After an hour or so of tossing and turning I figure I'd try the good ol' tricks of walking around, switching postions, drinking water and taking a shower to calm or subside the contractions.  That did not work of course.  I was able to relax in bed for about 45 minutes but the contractions got stronger and soon I woke the hubs who then began to help me time them.  They were a steady average of 10 min apart.

We debated on just waiting it out for my appointments at 2pm and 3pm but figured we would play it safe and call the doc.  Luckily the mums was at work and able to track him down and ask his opinion of what we should do.  He said with out hesitation to head into Labor and Delivery to be safe and probably just be monitored for a couple hours.

We made it safe and sound got checked into a room and had me strip down to the gown to get things going.  They first monitored the heart rates and contractions and ran a few other normal tests.  We sat around for a bit while they got results.  I was checked for dilation and sure enough I was 1cm dilated and 70% effaced.  After speaking with my doctor he decided to get me started on the Steroid shots right away just in case.  Contractions picked up and became more painful after that so I was checked again and had moved to 1 1/2cm.  Not a huge change but still quite a change for so early on.

They took us in for an U/S to see how the babies were sitting and their weights/measurements.  Both babies are still being awesome, head down.  Baby A is 3lbs 15oz while baby B is 4lbs  11oz, which the doc said was great.  They both seem to be doing perfectly fine and moving around like crazy.

The main concern seems to be my blood pressure as well as some other tests coming back not normal but not super off either.  They are concerned that I may go into active preterm labor due to the fact my contractions are not stopping even after getting medication that should have slowed them down.

......ok :) to finish this post, I got groggy and some pain meds to help me rest so stopped mid post.

I'm still dilated the same amount and it seems the rest and morphine has helped with the contractions for now.  I got some much needed sleep between the contractions I could.  They did more blood tests and looks like one is still abnormal and a big concern is still Pre-E.

My DR came to see me and says he expects me to only leave if there is a dramatic improvement other wise he wants me to prepare for it to be when the babies are born.  They are pushing for 3 more days to get the steroids in me to help those babies lungs.  Best case scenario  (the one I'm hoping for) is 2 more weeks with these girls in side!

I'm still getting the meds for the contractions doesn't seem to do much it's reduced them to 5min apart rather than 2 I think.

I want to thank my husband for being the best man ever!  He has been nothing but by my side to help me through this and doing everything he can for me!  I love him so much and cannot believe I got so lucky.

Will have more news tomorrow when we can get more details! :) TIll then thank you all so much for the support and love it's more than amazing!

<3 Night all

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