Saturday, May 29, 2010


So the last few days leaving the hospital were really tough.  I mean "I'll dig my nails into the wood" tough. lol  The little ones were doing a good job at making me feel like I shouldn't leave even though I knew them getting their rest is more important.

Luckily last night it wasn't as bad.  Last night we were able to do our first "kangaroo care" with the girls.  For anyone that doesn't know what this is, it's when you hold your preemie skin to skin helping them learn to regulate their temperature, their vitals, even can help them be ready for breast feeding later on.  

We had gone to a class prior to seeing them, about signals and important things to know and do for your child while they are in the NICU to help them graduate to leaving and coming home.  One thing we learned was that while doing skin to skin with your baby (moms)  if they baby is exposed to a type of germ or something within 24 hours your body will produce the anti body in your breast milk.  That was pretty amazing to hear how in tune a mother is to her child's needs while breast feeding.

We learned a lot about where they need to be before we can take them home.  In reality they have a ways to go.  Which is kind of frustrating but they are making small steps towards that goal and are where they need to be right now.

I tell you what though it was one of the best feelings being able to have them so close to us.  You could feel when they would stress or calm.  It was easy to tell if they were breathing too hard or trying to relax themselves.  One thing Austin mentioned being so amazing was that he knew he was helping them control their body temperature and he was the one providing the heat for his baby.

He was being such a good dad and was so concerned about holding Oakley the right way to make her best comfortable.  After an hour of holding he couldn't stop saying "that was just so cool".  I couldn't agree more. :)  

The nurses are going to try to keep track of when we can make it in so they will hold off on cares for the girls till we get there, which will be during one of the hours they are getting fed.  That way we can work on establishing more of a connection with the twins and help them with taking steps towards breastfeeding and all that good stuff. 

Both Oakley and Kenzington are still currently on their C-PAP machines.  The doctor had mentioned they wanted to take yesterday to let them relax without any major changes before possibly trying to take their settings down or even try with Kenzington off of hers.  It seems like the major big hurdle they need to make is getting their breathing down.  They both have actually started gaining back more weight so we are on the right track there!

So lots more praying and patience!  I can't wait to see them again today.

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