Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers

Last week my little nephew was admitted to the hospital.  The poor little guy had a fever that wouldn't let up and was not eating or drinking.  He has since been moved to Primary Childrens where he is receiving the care he needs.  They were able to find out what was causing his constant pain which was due to a Sceptic Knee and Hip.  They have done several surgeries to clean them out in hopes of relieving his fever and pain.  It has been a huge struggle for the guy and up until last night they were worried of possible blood transfusion.  Recently I've been updated that he's stable and doing better.  Please keep him in your hearts and prayers!  

He's such a trooper for going through this struggle and only being 15 months old.  We know he'll pull through we just pray it is sooner than later.

His mother has been by his side always and I can't imagine the strain it has been on her.  

We love you guys and are here for you! <3

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