Sunday, March 27, 2011

The weekend

Our weekend was pretty simple.  Friday was spent preparing for Saturday, if you want to call sitting around and not doing too much preparing. :)
We had some fun times in the tub as always!  

I finished my paper on the Fall of the Roman Empire. Which, as much as I was dreading it, I enjoyed.  It was some what interesting learning about all the things that led to the crumbling of one of the most powerful empires.  

Saturday we had a game against ISU.  It was a mini tournament I guess so there were several games going on.  The fam came out to support us, although it was so freezing cold they ended up having to leave not too much after they got there.  Poor Ms. K wasn't having being wrapped up in a blanket the whole time.  
The last week or so I've had a bit of a pulled groin and thought I would be in alright condition to play.  That unfortunately was my mistake.  During the 2nd half within 10 minutes of the half staring I pulled it even worse.  I was in tears by the end of the game and could barely walk.  
Ever get that chance to show em what you got, then something goes wrong?  Yeah, this was that.  I felt a bit embarrassed because I'm pretty sure no one noticed I was hurtin' till after the game so it probably looked like I was just being lazy as I was struggling to chase the ball.  Things happen and we move on though right?  I'll be spending Monday and Tuesday recovering, and hopefully by this coming Saturday I can be somewhat useful. Haha.  

Enough of me feeling sorry, the moral of the story is WE WON! :)  It was a good game.  I enjoyed just being out in the freezing with the girls and being goofs.  
Later that night we took the girls over to hang out with some friends and have some pretty awesome home made burritos.  I tried my hand at some Call of Duty on the Xbox, since I hadn't played for years and even then it was on my PS2 I felt the need.  I sucked, of course, haha.  One day I will dominate!  I know it! <3

Sunday was nice and relaxing with some amazing eats at the rents place.
We are trying to finalize some plans for the summer this coming week, on top of me trying to catch up with my online class and study for a test on Tuesday.  It's all doable though and all this craziness keeps us going!  

{How was your weekend?  Any life changing plans this coming week?}


  1. Gerber Babies. JUST BEAUTIFUL! I love the color of their gorgeous EYES!! And tub pics are always the best. ;)

  2. How are you feeling? I imagine it would be pretty hard to walk after pulling your groin. I hope you have a quick recovery from that!

  3. your babies are gorgeous! are you taking a class on roman history? i took one a couple of years ago and i loved it!


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