Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mom Tips to live by

I know I know.  I said I couldn't's true, but I'm procrastinating and while google stalking I came across "Top Tips From Moms of Multiples".  

These are seriously things I live by.  They are simple and mostly common sense, but sadly things I didn't start realizing till months into being a mother.

“I use a triage system. Whose needs are most important? Those get met; the others have to wait.”
-Leslie Ziegler of Marietta, GA, whose triplets were born in July

“Earplugs were my best friends. They don’t render you deaf, but they take the edge off - often what an exhausted mom needs.”
-author Elizabeth Lyons, whose twins are 7

^^ I don't use ear plugs but I do shut my bedroom door since the girls room is just around the hall from our room.  It muffles their cries enough that I can rest while still hearing if something is wrong. 

“Take walks to recharge. I’d put my twins in the stroller and they’d either fall asleep or be distracted by looking around.”
-Miriam Salerno of Washington, D.C., whose twins turned 1 in August

^^ This was a life saver during the warmer months.  Even if it was a 15 min walk it helped the girls calm down and me calm down. 

“Have extra pacifiers on hand. And swings and swaddling are a must.”
-Lisa Rhew-Jansta of Villa Park, CA, whose twins turn 2 in January

“Take shortcuts, like snapping just the middle snap of their body suits, or pulling outfits off the top of the clean laundry basket.”
-author Christina Boyle Cush, whose twins are 4

^^ Sadly I didn't start doing this till recently.  Oddly enough it does cut down on the oh so precious time throughout the day. 

“Find a support group near you, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.”
-Eileen Quast of Los Angeles, whose triplets turned 2 in October


  1. twins sound like so much work, you are amazing!

  2. I like it! Now if there were only a foolproof tip to getting my twins to sleep through the night! ;)


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