Friday, March 11, 2011

This week

It's been a week since I left for CA, since I'm back and have finally had some time to catch up with things- Here is how our week has gone:

Monday- Was spent recouping.  Luckily there was no practice so sleep, eat, so on were involved in my day. Also having to study for an Astronomy test that I wasn't extremely excited for.  

Tuesday- Was a day of testing..literally. I had the Astronomy test at 8:30am ( I got a B on it, I'm pleased).  My synthesis paper on adoption within China, due by 2:30pm.  Then spent the afternoon  studying for an Art History test that I needed to take by the end of the night.  By 5pm I felt confident enough to attempt the test.  By 7pm I was finally headed home.  Roughly 10hrs at school was not my ideal day.

Wednesday- Was a much better day.  Spent the morning relaxing and cleaning things up, finally.  12pm was a girls lunch date with a neighborhood friend and her adorable 2 year old at Zupas, one of my all time favorite Soup, Sandwich and Salad places! Ordering a Yucatan Chipolte Salad and Lobster Bisque soup I was in heaven!  ---seriously, try them out!---
Although the girls have sat in their high chairs at home I have yet to sit them in ones at restaurants, so today was the day we tried.
Can you not help but laugh at Kenzington's(left) hair? :p

Luckily they were angels and just spent the time people watching as Eisley Rain (adorable name, no?!) fed K some bread from the rolls.

(my kids are huge!! Will they stop growing?!)

A nice luncheon out was what us girls needed before heading off to practice.

Thursday-  School, yet again.  With an early start and out the door, I was happy to find that it was a simple day of learning.  No stresses as I sipped my warm Vanilla Chocolate Mocha and watched some Netflix in one of the cafeterias.
Later that afternoon while picking up the girls from their Grandma's I came to find out there were going to be famous and on our local news. :) 
Finally getting home, we had to feed the girls and head to the mall.  A special someones birthday is this month and I needed to get some shopping done!  
All I can say is this was just a perfect night out with my little family!  
The mall was vacant, the smell from the pretzel shop sucked us in and we enjoyed some bites.  We strolled the stores and watched as the girls desperately tried to stay awake to take it all in.  
Soon after many complaints from the hungry, starving man walking next to me, we chose to go across the way to Texas Roadhouse...and you'll never guess who we saw!

Have you guessed it yet? Didn't think so! (you facebook people don't count!)

That's right Jerry Sloan former coach of the Utah Jazz.  As we were walking in he couldn't help but ogle over the twins, then as we proceeded to enter Austin insisted it was him.  I just shrugged, saying "who knows." :p Can you tell I'm a basketball fan?  
Sure enough as we were being seated at our booth they let us know just moments before Jerry Sloan was sitting in the exact spot and how excited they all were. 

After a few moments of "how awesome is that" we were settled and ordered some amazing dinner, steak cutlets with mushroom sauce and a side of potatoes! MMMMmmm.  I will honestly tell you I have never been treated so great at a restaurant till last night.  The people there were being soo amazing.  Even after Austin turned away his dinner choice, picky thing ;).  

The girls even after eating were insisting they ate along with us and we fed them some rolls and decided to have them give lime a try..
It was HILARIOUS!  Even the waiters had to stop and watch.  
(forgive my horrible laugh and how dark but you can kind of catch O flinching at the taste)


That's the only word I need to use for yesterday.

It's made me sit and think, as I be a couch bug today, about how excited I am for this coming year.  People are trying new things, going new places, and we are some of those people!

So as for today - Friday- not much will be happening besides sending out a birthday gift, icing down my knee and playing with the little gremlins.  Tomorrow is a home game against SUU.  Hoping for some nice weather.

Everyone stay safe, have fun and

~ Have a Happy Weekend ~


  1. These pictures are so adorable!

    And, off topic but I hope you hear from your family in Japan soon! how scary :(

  2. she was so cute to see with the lime!! they are getting so big!!


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