Monday, March 14, 2011

Magic Exists

Is it bad that I want to ask my girls this as they age and go through life?
Sometimes I with I asked myself this same question more often!  The problem is there are so many things I want to do before I die and it's all about finding the means to do them.  
Now those things have changed, I no longer want to travel the country side with just me and my lucky pack.  I want to travel the country side with my little gremlins by my side, showing them the amazing world around us!

We have so many wonderful things planned for this summer!  I CANNOT WAIT!
Did the caps lock help you realize my excitement?  Good. ;)
School is contradicting itself as it winds up and winds down all at once.  As crazy as we are in the mist of it all we are planning several trips and visits for the upcoming months.

Since we are so blessed to have Mr. A in a job that allows him to have summers off, we are going to be taking advantage of it.

Starting in May all the way into July, we are packed with goodness!
Trip to Mexico (just me and my man).
 family visiting from Washington.
friend visiting from Washington.
 celebrating the twins 1yr and our 3yr.
trips to Las Vegas.
 road trip for the 4th of July to Washington to watch the fireworks on the river, while camping along the way with some great friends.
family reunion to Bear Lake <--best ever!
oh boy..i feel like i'm missing something

It feels like this last year has been such a blur with ups and downs, with drama and tears, but just when you feel like things will just stay this constant, things then just start showing their beautiful face and you realize all the great randomness that lie ahead!  As though things magically align just when you least expect it.

Am I getting way too cheesy happy here?  Sorry. :p

Just to survive these last couple months of school and we'll be there!

What are your plans for this upcoming summer?  Will it be a time for relaxation or a time for getting out there and havin' a ball?  =D


  1. You just got me excited thinking about summer! Yay for vacations and lots of time with friends and family!

  2. New follower from the Tag Back Tuesday hop! What a great blog and it looks like to have one rockin' summer to look forward to~~all the best on your fun events!


  3. ohh too much to list. I would like to try everything, and travel everywhere!


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