Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my birthday, it was the year we celebrated me turning 23 for the 2nd time.  
I also joined a new club, it's called "23 Forever".  Like it?  You're welcome to join! :)
Hey! It's a valid club and I don't care what anybody says, I can embrace aging without embracing my number! 
(Just 4 of my 8 awesome balloons!)

Honestly it was such a fun day!  The night before I got my hair did, maybe someday you'll see how awesome it is.  Although nothing really changed just added some accessory.
I spent the night before at a slumber party with the rugby team, where we had a ball and stayed up till all hours of the morning.  I ended up coming home around 6am though so that I would have time to get ready for the day.  9am and we had a lovely breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, who doesn't love that place?  So good.
After that we just hung out at the parents relaxing.
The girls loved seeing balloons for the first time.  Specially Ms. K, she just wanted to hold onto em.

Ms. O was a little more interested in the decorated weight, hehe.

What did I get for my awesomest birthday?
Thanks to all my family pitching in, I LOVE YOU GUYS, they got together and helped me get this!!
(can you tell I'm like hyperventilating with excitement?!...well you should)

*Jumps up and down*  Yay!  Now I don't have to use my iPhone to document the girls and our lives!
The package came with 2 lenses and a great carrying bag.  All I can say the 2hrs of waiting for it to charge the battery was the longest 2 hours of the year!
(Thanks Dad, Mom, Neal, and Austin) 

As we waited to go out to dinner with Austin's family I was able to mess around just a little bit with the new addition to the family, haha.

Isn't he a doll?  

This is what happens when you leave the room and your husband gets a hold of the camera..Food gets captured! 

This last one of K was from clear across the room with the 55-250 lens...awesome

Anyway, sorry!  We just have never had a good camera and now we do and it's so fun to play with.  I'm not an amazing photographer but I'm loving playing around with it and seeing what it can do. :)

Yes, so, we went out to eat at Applebees with his parents and it was soooo good.  I love that place!  It was great to sit, eat and relax with them.  The girls tried some celery for the first time and made the silliest faces!  We all ended up taking most our food home we got so stuffed.  
His parents were so so awesome and gave us a FREE date night!  All expenses paid for dinner and movie :)  
(Thank you Chris and Kathy! Love you guys)

We sent the girls off home with his mom and headed to see Paul.

Seriously such a funny movie, we were literally LOLing the entire time.  Then again we find some pretty stupid things funny, so. ;)
There are also some pretty great movies I'm excited to see coming out.  Just hope we get more time to see them. Such is life with kids, yes? 

To say the least it was a very fun birthday and I loved every minute of it, despite only having 2 hours of sleep!  
Thanks again to all those who entered the Giveaway and I hope to host more in the future!

Hope everyone had is having a wonderful weekend! 
 Back to the grind tomorrow. 


  1. Congrats on the new toy!! I'm jealous! I seriously need a new toy. Time for an upgrade! I'm glad you had such a blast. And I'm glad you liked Paul! I love those guys and I want to see it. Happy 2nd 23rd and welcome to the club! LOL

  2. Happy Birthday! You are going to love playing around with your new camera!

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new camera, i'm sure u'll have a blast with it :)

    You have a new follower :)


  4. Happy 23rd birthday! :) I have that exact same camera and love it! Enjoy!

  5. Heather, yay for you new camera! That is so awesome :) I'm glad you had such a great birthday

  6. Hey, happy birthday!! What a great present! Awesome!!!

  7. AH! I just can't get enough of her little face! SO cute!

  8. happy birthday! what an awesome gift!!! I LOVE my Canon, you will love yours too!!

  9. totally camera jealous right now!!! that is incredible. I don't have to remind you to have fun with that :) happy bday!

  10. Awww hey beautiful! Belated happy birthday! I hope this year brings you a lot of happiness and so much more. =)

  11. happy birthday! and congrats on the camera- you'll love it!


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