Thursday, March 17, 2011

The tooth monster

You Don't know what the tooth monster is?  Well that's probably because when you were visited by him you were so tiny you can't remember.  The tooth monster is the rude guy who comes over night, does a little dance, and coaxes your teeth to come out of their soft bed in the gums.  
Unfortunately he must have done the dance for too long because he's caused an attack on the gremlins mouth!
Poor Ms. O gets hit first as always.  We noticed she was getting her top/front/right tooth and the one directly to the right of it about a week ago.  Then to our surprise, after checking a few days later, she had all 4 top front teeth peeking their little white heads through her tiny pink gums.   
If you've followed us regularly you'll know O is our extremist/drama queen.  The slightest thing cannot go without a bit of a dramatic scene! 
So to say the least the days have been long.

Then of course her sister had to tag behind and start getting the same 4 top teeth coming  in.  Luckily she takes things a little better and hasn't been a terror other than wanting to eat lots of snacks and chew on everything in sight! :)

What do we do to help them through this horrible process that I'm glad I don't remember?  
Well our normal method of teething tablets sadly went out the window when they recalled them a few months back.  If this affected any other mums out there, I feel your pain. Those worked wonders!!
As of late we have been resorting to the much more common methods.

*as i pull out my bottle of rum* I kid, I kid. <3 

Here is one I kind of like-

See what you do is, put some frozen/cold fruit or veggies (what ever your baby likes) inside the little net.  Hand it over and they just simply chew or suck on it.  Can I have one? :p  It's like a Popsicle for babies. We also have tried putting teething rings in the fridge but they don't seem to like chewing on those when they are cold. 

Another thing we've found that works is rubbing their gums with our fingers.  I know there are some out there that can't handle their drool, Mr. A himself being one.  So I end up doing most of the rubbing.  But they seem to calm and enjoy it before, after a while, becoming bored.  

We've tried those numbing gels but I honestly can say I don't like them and feel like it was a waste of money.  Half the time you don't properly get it on the gums and the other half you spend watching them hoping you haven't numbed their gag reflex.  So, that idea went out the window. 

Many moms know it's a nightmare when it comes to sleeping/napping while they are teething.  In this I feel like we lucked out.  Because when our girls are hurting they generally like to sleep more often.  So it's been a week or so of lots of naps, but in shorter lengths.  Our nights haven't been bad either, O of course was a little monster one night and woke up about every 2 hours but would fall back asleep very quickly. Since that night though they sleep from 7:30pm-7:30am without so much as a sniffle.  
Moral of this story is: If you can get them to sleep through the pain, do it. :)

We have also started to brush their giant teeth in those little mouths.  They seem to enjoy the taste of their toothpaste and the feel of the brush on their gums.  

Really it comes down to what your baby likes and is more comfortable with.  I cannot imagine when they start getting those huge molars coming in.  I feel as though we may need to just take O in and have her sedated.  LOL, of course I kid again.  

So in conclusion, they both soon will have 6 teeth in total.  With more to come I'm sure.

This Saturday they will be 10 months old (8 adjusted) and too much is happening too fast!  


  1. I used teething tablets.. its all natural and it doesnt have side effects and it helped my little man! good luck hope it passes quickly!!

  2. Poor little babies, there are reasons we don't remember things from those years!


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