Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not so little

Today was the day the little gremlins moved from their newborn car seats to their big girl car seats.  
They aren't yet 22lbs, in fact they are probably still lingering on 19lbs, but they were getting so fussy and uncomfortable in their new borns and were sticking out and squished in the most odd ways we just had to migrate them.  
Does this mean they are getting older and growing?  Yes, too fast if you ask me.  I remember when they were doing car seat tests in the NICU and were barely big enough, now when in those car seats they fill the entire thing and then some!

I will say this though, they love their new ones.  They can see out the windows better and just laugh, giggle, and talk to one another as everything passes them.  I get quite the kick on our way to the sitter in the mornings. 
Although it's made it more difficult having to go back and forth to the car and grabbing them since they can't walk yet...I don't know how I'm going to handle taking them places?  I'm sure it's not too difficult..

Anyway, today I'm off to the post office to change my name on my passport and get a new picture taken, then have it expedited so that I get it back by May.  Is it OK if I'm a little upset about this?  My old passport had stamps from my venture into Ethiopia, and our honeymoon to Mexico.  I don't want to lose those awesome memories.  Or do you get to keep the old one and they just make it invalid or something?   Either way, I just wish they lasted forever!  Easy button please!


  1. i call my youngest son 'gremlin' as well. :) your daughters are adorable!

  2. Oh, I remember when we was kind of a big thing...
    That pic of them is so cute!! xxx

  3. O my gosh, don't you remember how teeny tiny they first look in the infant seats then BOOM they get big! Sad! We switched the twins in December when they started to feel to confined.


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