Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tonight..we ride!

It's finally upon us, I'm leaving a day sooner than expected, I leave tonight!

Yes, I'm making a bit of a deal about a 4 day trip.  But can you blame me when I've never been away from the gremlins?  Not to mention the longest time Aust and I have been apart is 3 days since...forever!  It's a big thing.  Who knew that you could have so many thoughts and emotions going through your body at one time.  I'm WAY excited, scared, nervous, already exhausted...I could go on but I wont.  It's a weekend with a bunch of gals to hang out and get pumped about our team goals.  Also getting to know these girls will be fun since we haven't had much time during practice.  Except I will say this, my new apparent nick name from some of the girls on the team is "Twins", fitting I must say. :p

We are driving all night tonight in hopes of ending up there tomorrow morning.  From what I see of the forecast it's going to be in the 70's for the next few days over there, while here at home they will be expecting snow, ha.  That alone is something to be excited about.  I have been itching for some heat, for the rays of our glorious and monstrous sun to heat my paling face, and this is the ticket.  Like a little taste test of whats to come in the next few months. :)

So far from what I hear we will be playing up to 3-5 games throughout Saturday and Sunday during this tournament.  All against various woman teams.  I'm very pleased to say my ankle/foot is feeling much better and hopefully after a little more icing and heating tonight I'll be good and ready for the games.  We were a little rocky in our first game, not much communication, but this weekend I have a good feeling that we are going to dominate!  That no bruise or knock down will prevent us from getting back up and pushing forward for a try (goal/touchdown/you get it).

The worst part of this whole thing, I guess "worst" is the word, is that I have no idea how or what to pack for this trip. Ha, sad yes?  Alas I'm pretty sure it's just the fact that my brain is trying to explode from all the things I need to get done so it's straining to focus on what essentials I will be needing.  With a test and paper due the Tuesday after I get back, I really don't blame my brain.  Poor girl needs a veg vacation!  Aust has been soooooo amazingly supportive through all this I cannot believe how lucky I am to have such an amazing man and family behind me.   He never expected to watch the girls alone for a weekend, but he took it one with smiles and support. <3  Love the ninja monkey. 

I'll be missing the hugs, cuddles, and smiles from these beautiful faces--

LOL silly pictures I know.

But I also know that when I get back they'll be waiting and excited as ever!

Hopefully I can sneak my parents camera away and use it to takes some pics while we are there and update if possible.  From what I hear we'll be busy though.  So I hope everyone has a good safe weekend and stays warm through this next storm front. :)

Wish us luck! hehe


  1. Awesome! Enjoy your trip and show us all about it!!! xxx

  2. Good luck during the tournament and enjoy your trip!


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