Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Me

Dear 16yr old me,

(awesome, no?)

First off, don't worry, you will make it through these next few years.  Remember that most of all, your mom in the end will be the one who will make everything change for the better.  She loves you and will do all that is needed to keep you safe.  That one guy, that you thought would never ask but then finally does, say no.  As much as what you go through with him helps you grow into who you will be in the future.  Life will go on and be much happier with out him.  Get close to your brother, even if he moved out. He needs you.  He will one day be your best friend no matter how much he ignores you now.
Your closest friend will always back you up, so do not stray from him.  The times you spend with him and friends will be some of the best times of your life.
Don't be afraid to be silly!  It's what you're good at!
Finish school and start college and stick with it!  Don't hold off for too long or else it will be that much harder to get started.
You are beautiful no matter how many girls tell you you're not.  Girls can be mean, especially to those they are jealous of.  Don't let it take you too long to realize how great of a person you can be and how much you can and will accomplish in your life.
Work hard but play harder!  Take plenty of pictures of all of your adventures because you'll wish you had those captured later.
When you meet the man for you, you'll know.  Trust me, you will just know.  Don't argue so much with him, you can trust him. He will be there for you through everything you would think would make him turn and run.  He's your better half and you two have and make some amazing memories.
Your kids will be beautiful and will motivate you to make their life memorable.  They will bring you the energy and spark that you have always wanted.  So don't be afraid of it, when it's time for you you'll feel it.

Most of all like I've said, stay strong, be who you are meant to be.  Laugh, as often as you can.  Those type of wrinkles are the ones everyone wish they had. ;)




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