Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy Bee

So, hey there!  It's been a while.  It's been some what of a busy last couple weeks.  Busy enough I can't think of what to blog about!

Today we took the twins to their 4 month appointment.  Which included the lovely visitation of needles!  I knew it would be harder this time simply because of how much more aware of the world they were.  The screams are still deep in my brain! Haha, I'm a wimp. Even though these were just routine I'm proud of them for being such strong babies though..they aren't even 6 months old and have had more needles and tubes through them than most.

Oakley is still showing to be just a smidge larger than her sister.  Weighing 13lbs 14oz, height of 23 3/4.  Kenzington, smaller but just as cute, is 13lbs 5oz with a height of 23 1/2.  They are chubby little gremlins and smile and play more and more each day. They take the time to notice one another and just smile as if they are having conversations via brain waves!  

Still working on getting those fine motor skills going.  Kenzington is still a little ahead of Oakley with those but it's still early in the game.  Each day they get better at grabbing and pulling things to their face.  Also having some issues with the holding up of the head but's early.

We have had family in town the past week and it's been great to catch up and hang out.  

We had some foods, played some Wii, and made babies cry/smile!
Anyone have Wii Sports Resort and wanna do some Sword dueling!  Call me! =D I'll bring it on like Donkey Kong!

(Mom and Auntie hangin' in the yard.)

(My beautiful cousin with her mom, me, and...O? K? haha!)

We were also able to take some time to go to a concert!  I love concerts...and it helps when the bands are actually good! 

It was 30 Seconds to Mars with Neon Trees and New Politics opening.  Loved them all.  

(sexy mister Jared Leto)

We brought our friends Chris and Betty who are great to have around.

Now for hopefully a relaxing week!  We have been geeking out at night and just heard the news for the new X-pac to be coming out on Dec. 7th....*cough*...well I gotta go ride motorcycles and longboard...*cough*  I'm no nerd! Don't judge me! 

=D <3 

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